10 best vector graphics editing software

10 best vector graphics editing software
Vector graphics is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes. Each of these points has a definite position on the x- and y-axes of the work plane and determines the direction of the path, each path assigned various attributes, including such values as stroke color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill. Here below top 10 best vector graphics editing software listed, read on:

10 best vector graphics editing software

1. Vector Magic 
Vector Magic is vectoring software and service. By using it’s easy to use the web interface, it converts bitmap images to vector images. The process of converting bitmap images to vector image is called tracing or vectorization. It converts JPG, PNG, GIF bitmap images to EPS, SVG, PDF, AI, DXF vector file formats with the world's best auto-tracer.

2. CorelDRAW 
CorelDRAW is tracing software with vector illustration and photo editing. Any type of graphic project can be tackled using it. CorelDRAW is sign making and fashion design industries. Its capable of limited inter-operation by reading file formats from Adobe Illustrator. Its high quality graphic content along with other feature converts your creativity into professional product.

3. Adobe Illustrator 
Adobe Illustrator gives comprehensive vector graphic environment with creative effects and advanced color controls. It is an excellent and efficient tool for typography and drawing. The powerhouse of Adobe Illustrator's vector drawing interface is the pen tool and its set of complementary tools, which offer refined control over curves and anchor points.

4. ConceptDraw PRO
ConceptDraw PRO is a business diagramming tool and vector graphics editor available for both Windows and OS X. It provides a complete range of business graphic documentation solutions with thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates also supports multi-page documents, and includes an integrated presentation mode.

5. Bloom
Bloom graphic editor having fast, light-weight and cross-platform. True non-destructive editing is first allowed by it. Your each and every editing including filter, effect, or vector all store separately without anything baked in it. It is simple 16-bit per channel app. It implies you never lose exactness and shading accuracy, taking into account the most dynamic and exact pictures to be made.

6. OpenOffice Draw 
LibreOffice Draw function are the drawing components and vector graphics editors of the OpenOffice and LibreOffice open source office suites. Each are available for multiple desktop operating systems. The Document Foundation with the help of others is currently developing Android and online versions of the LibreOffice office suite including Draw.

7. Serif DrawPlus
Serif DrawPlus is a powerful but easy to use graphics studio for illustrators and hobbyists looking to create digital art. It has a lot of options for being attracted to the artists, developers and designers; realistic painting, creative fun, logos, interactive Flash animations, business diagrams, layouts and plans. It let you to import artwork from anywhere and to share your creations online easily.

8. Karbon
Karbon is a vector drawing scalable software in KDE. Artists can create a complex drawing and can get the desired zoom in on, as it does not loose image quality for zooming in or out. You can easily transform your graphic design into high-quality illustrations. It is a great application for beginners as well as artists and professionals.

9. Sketch 
Sketch gives you the force, adaptability and rate you needed in a lightweight and straightforward-to-use bundle. It provides flexible workflow by the support of art boards and multiple pages. It is light-weight. Complex shapes can be drawn easily. Artworks are of high-quality and make beautiful sketches as the workflow is vector-based.

10. PhotoLine 
PhotoLine is a raster graphics editor but also offers a comprehensive set of vector drawing tools including multiple paths per layer, layer groups, color management and full color space support including CMYK and Lab color spaces, and multipage documents. PhotoLine can import and export PDF and SVG files as well as all major bitmap formats.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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