10 best Data Representation platform

10 best Data Representation platform
Data Representation is viewed by many disciplines as a modern equivalent of visual communication. It involves the creation and study of the visual representation of data, meaning information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information. A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics. Numerical data may be encoded using dots, lines, or bars, to visually communicate a quantitative message. Here below top 10 best Data Representation platform given, read on:

10 best Data Representation platform

1. QuickCalcs 
QuickCalcs is a combination of various calculators and statistical methods. The calculators available in QuickCalcs can be used for categorical data, continuous data, statistical distributions & interpreting P values, random numbers, chemical & radio-chemical data, analyzing, etc.

2. GraphPad Prism
GraphPad Prism is a cross-platform graphical representation data platform that delivers the solution of analyzing, graphical representation and presentation of data in two scientific format. It is useful for both educational purpose and large enterprises to view the understandable statistics of the organization.

3. Tableau Desktop
Tableau Desktop is a data visualization platform for the graphical representation of data and getting the in depth sight of the business within few minutes. It contains the almost all those tools and instruments that provide the business owners with the complete business solution of all of their complex data issues.

4. Analytica 
Analytica is the alternate of old and traditional spreadsheets and data representations tools that are used for building and representing the business models. The easy to use formation system enable the business persons and other designers and developers to easily create the models they are thinking about.

5. GenStat
GenStat is a statistical and data analyzing tools that is basically the pack of statistic tools and packages. GenStat delivers the users with the simple platform that is further integrated with a comprehensive system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language.

6. Lisrel 
Lisrel is a scientific and statistical tool that provide the basic models and methods for structural equation modeling. It provide the users with the system of management of data of almost all fields like social & management sciences, biological & behavioral sciences to assess their respective models and theories.

7. Maple 
Maple is a technical computing and statistic software that is basically designed for the engineers and mathematicians for performing data analyzing and analytic functions. It is integrated with the technical features and solutions of symbolic computation, and provide the various other solutions for engineering.

8. SigmaPlot
SigmaPlot is a graphing and scientific data analyzer that contains the solution of the basic graphing needs of the users. The advantages of using SigmaPlot are that it quickly create exact graphs, easy data visualization, publish chart & graphs anywhere, data analysis, etc.

9. Pathomx
Pathomx is a graphing and data analyzing tool for fasting the analysis process with the interactive data workflows built on Pathomx. The drag and drop and multivariate analyzing tools of Pathomx allow the users to speed up their analysis with the data workflows system of Pathomx that are based on the Python.

10. OriginLab
OriginLab is a data analysis tool that provide the engineers and scientist with the technical charts and system for 2D and 3D plotting and all kind of fitting including curve and peak fitting. It is the one of the best data and scientific analyzing platform that is used for the all kind of statistical representation of data.

So which is you are going to use don't forget to mention :)

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