10 Best Online Business Strategy platform

10 Best Online Business Strategy platform
Now days you can't imagine a business with a perfect business strategy. Business strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Strategy is important in Business because the resources available to achieve these goals are usually limited. Strategy generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends goals will be achieved by the means resources. Here below top 10 Best Online Business Strategy platform/utilities given, read on:

10 Best Online Business Strategy platform

1. LivePlan 
LivePlan is for creating a professional, investor ready business plan has never been easier. It is a web-based platform for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a business strategy. It is tailored from the ground up with simplicity in mind. It’s One-Page Pitch allows quick document business ideas in an elegant format. Here, users can easily create and organize forecasts and budgets to hunt out if their business can generate money.

2. Enkata 
Enkata aims at providing sales people first preferred data that they can utilize to raise their sales productively. It’s data intelligence tool gathers and manages complex sales data from a number of sources and automatically evaluates leads, accounts, chances. It helps streaming machine data from the systems sales people use as they proceed, including Salesforce, email, phone and calendars.

3. PlanHQ 
PlanHQ is an online business strategy utility that turns your still document and spreadsheet into a lively and up-to-data overview of where you are going and how you are tracing. PlanHQ allows your business plan to change itself as your business changes. This utility puts your entire team to actively involved in tailoring and activating your plan and can align and prioritize all their work against company goals.

4. Bizplan 
Bizplan is strong, easily accessible business planning utility that shakes the power of the Web to radicalize the way business strategies are engineered, organized, and shared. It gives you greater handling than ever before, letting you to create an involving and appealing business strategy using your own content or content collected from a complete web-based business assortment.

5. PlanGuru
PlanGuru business planning utility aimed at helping organizations and non-profits make better moves. PlanGuru allows you take the pain out of the budgeting and planning procedure and embark realizing the benefits. PlanGuru combines a supple infrastructure with civilized yet easy-to-use forecasting tools, at a value that is unparalleled.

6. iGoStartup
iGoStartup is an online service, which provides consulting services through the use of questionnaires and calculators to prospective entrepreneurs who need guidance on starting their business.  By completing a set of tools online, you will get a personalized report which will guide you through the necessary steps of starting your own business, while also enhancing your entrepreneurial mindset.

7. CircleBi  
CircleBi is a Business Optimization App. It takes just one-click to connect CircleBi to your data in Quickbooks. It scans through your data and does all the calculations using its data science technology. Now with an intuitive dashboard, you can analyze your business on your own. You now can boost your business to the next level as you're using the most powerful secret weapon of corporate giants to make decisions.

8. Salesvue 
Salesvue is a CRM service that ensures you are maintained fully up to date with reports and charts by flawlessly integrating with your Salesforce team. It allows you choose what data and information you covet for. Salesvue gives you the choice to straight up dial and reach out to prospects and customers via your dashboard and Salesvue comes with an ROI calculator which is free to utilize.

9. ProSel ProSel is a sales force automation content management tool that gives you complete control over the data and functionality you require to increase sales and improve generation. ProSel is best for any organization that has a sales force or clients who place regular orders. This tool comes with fast and easy order entry and interaction, presentation, a speedy catalog search, document sync and sharing.

10. Sales and Marketing Pro 
Sales and Marketing Pro assists you from your marketing strategy and sales plan from starting to end. It is powered by the Duct Tape marketing system which has been known the ‘world’s most practical small business marketing guide’ and has be exalted by experts like Entrepreneur Magazine and Harvard Business School.

So which one is your favorite utility don't forget to mention :)

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