10 Best Video Live streaming sites

10 Best Video Live streaming sites
Streaming video is content sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming video or streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives. Here below 10 Best Video Live streaming sites listed, read on:

10 Best Video Live streaming sites

1. YouNow
YouNow is a video streaming and chatting platform for exploring videos from web browsers & smartphones. It is simply the professional and best way to watch live stream videos, YouNow and discover vides of the professional broadcasters and chat live with other people for free. YouNow is basically an online community of the broadcasters where the express their creativity with the others. The real chatting system of YouNow makes its users able to interact with other members to promote their videos.

2. Ustream 
Ustream is a web based source of live streaming of video on demand and hosting services. Ustream allows users to broadcast video LIVE to the world from a computer, mobile, or iPhone within moments, or watch hundreds of shows from News to Entertainment to celebrities anytime. It is entirely different from the other simple video on demand or video sharing and streaming platform.

3. Livestream 
Livestream is a live streaming video platform that for those entertainment lovers who want to enjoys and broadcast video content by way of a camera or a PC through the Web. It provides a free ad-supported service and multi-tiered premium services. The utility also caters wireless HD broadcasting in the form of a device combination known as ‘Livepack’, which is described as ‘a satellite television truck in a backpack.

4. Veetle
Veetle is the online name of a useful live video streaming, watching and broadcasting portal allowing you to broadcast and share your videos. With Veetle you can broadcast to numerous numbers of audiences at any provided time in high quality. The service enables you to broadcast from your PC, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and the most celebrated Android devices.

5. Camcada 
Camcada is a worldwide live streaming platform for conducting social and sport events, business, conferences and education. It lets its users to stream any occasion online in the simplest way with highest available quality and all this in an economical price. Camcada is considerably optimized for self-publishers, event production organizations, and conference managers.

6. Vaughn Live
Vaughn Live is said to be as one of the largest live streaming websites over the world of internet, For its advanced broadcasting and streaming features. It has its own integrated cast system named MvnCaster.
You are required to click on the Go Live Now and the live broadcasting will start instantly. For the information of the readers, they must use the strong internet connection to minimize the delay on cast.

7. Bambuser 
Bambuser offers live video streaming from your mobile phone or webcam. Its integrated player is compact and proficient, having a relevant variety of attributes into a tight space that will fit cleanly into a web page. The service allows you customize the dimension to your liking, and select whether or not to take in features like a Facebook Like button, sharing options, and access to stored stuff etc.

8. Streamup 
Streamup is an online video streaming website that allows the users to watch and stream live video. The best about Streamup is that it allows the users to access free content without creating any account. Streamup is the platform of various channels. The other thing about Streamup is that here the users can create their own channels and can chat with other views and users as well.

9. LiveU 
LiveU is an internet live broadcasting platform that provides the seamless broadcasting system to its users. For its best available features and functions, LiveU is said to be the best one live video transmission to cover all kind of live events. Three main services in shape of acquire, manage and distribute you will get from the LiveU. The acquire service is to acquire live video content. 

10. Vokle 
Vokle is a platform that will make you able to broadcast your live show, conferences or other events in an online environment. The website named Vokle is the name of a live broadcasting service that will make you able to get your live message delivered across the virtual audience. You will be even allowed to embed the link of your shows on your website and blog as well.

So which one is your favorite service don't forget to mention :)

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