15 Best Free File Sharing Websites

15 Best Free File Sharing Websites
File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digital media, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books. File sharing may be achieved in a number of ways. Common methods of storage, transmission and dispersion include manual sharing utilizing removable media, centralized servers on computer networks, Web-based hyperlinked documents, and the use of distributed peer-to-peer networking. Here below top 15 Best Free File Sharing Websites listed, Read on:

15 Best Free File Sharing Websites

1. 4Shared
4Shared is the name of an online web hosting, storing and sharing platform that deals in the all variety of digital media documents. Each and every person of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free online storage space for the motive of saving the data within the cloud and sharing the equal with others.

2. MediaFire
MediaFire is a semi free simple and handy to use sharing and storing platform with the intention to meet your basic file sharing and internet hosting requirements with no trouble and comfortably do everything and 10 GB free space. It isn’t among these cloud storage platform whose predominant cause is only to provide the cloud storage space to their viewers.

MEGA will let you enjoy 50 GB of free storage space. It is the name one of the leading cloud storage and file sharing platform that offers the free cloud storage space of 50 GB to every of its new users. This online cloud storage platform basically deals in both file sharing and cloud storage system.

4. Uploaded
Uploaded is a cloud based file sharing and storage platform that offers with the system of importing the files and sharing with others. With none registration formality, Uploaded allow it, users, to upload the file with a maximum size of 250 MB and then share it with others.

5. Userscloud
Userscloud is a free cloud service supplier that delivers the unlimited cloud storage space and faraway backup capability. Userscloud is the provider of a complicated degree of importing and downloading tools also. It is an online service provider that provides the users with the system of web hosting records, portraits, audios, movies and far more on a centralized platform within the shape of Userscloud.

6. ZippyShare 
ZippyShare is the name of a free to use file sharing, hosting supplier with no limit over importing and sharing of files. If you’re unable to share colossal documents with the aid of attaching with your e mail, then ZippyShare is the best that provide you with the alternative way of sharing the mega documents immediately within few minutes.

7. FileFactory 
FileFactory is a web based content distribution uploading and sharing method that is a mean for file internet hosting and sharing. FileFactory is the fine choice for the content owners, internet searchers, SEO, web masters and individual users to share the data with others without facing any hurdles. The first high-quality factor about FileFactory is its security approach that is based on the coverage of no junk mail, no virus.

8. 2Shared 
2Shared is a free web based file storage and sharing service provider. The way of working of 2Shared are very simple; if in case you have any file that you want to share together with your acquaintances then without problems add it at the platform of 2Shared and share it with the your desired acquaintances.

9. Ge.tt 
Ge.tt is the web based name of file sharing and web hosting provider that make the users capable to upload and share the documents within few steps. The system starts by way of either uploading the file from the PC or effortlessly utilizing the drag and drop process of the Ge.tt.

10. DepositFiles
DepositFiles is an all in one web based storage platform that offers within the saving and sharing of the valuable records and information. Identical to different sharing and storage platform, DepositFiles additionally offers the system of importing of files and after that storing it within the cloud storage procedure of DepositFiles or sharing with others.

11. Jumpshare 
Jumpshare is a web based source for sending mega documents for free. It is particularly for those users who are frequently required to share the large size documents with others. At Jumpshare, these customers will be in a position to get the chance of sending the tremendous documents, view files and make collaboration in actual time as well.

12. Volafile
VolafileFor the first time there is a file sharing platform that offers the live chatting and communication system as well. It is named as Volafile that is the provider of temporary file sharing platform. Temporary in that sense your shared file will be deleted automatically after a fix time.

13. WeTransfer
WeTransfer is a simple and straightforward cloud based storage service supplier that deals within the system of sharing mega files as well. The essential expertise of utilizing the cloud storage provider of WeTransfer is that it provides the users with the method of actual-time file sharing where they can share the files and data of any style immediately during the arena.

14. FileServe
FileServe is an online utility that presents the net free file storage option to those suffering with the low cloud storage space or wish to share the big records with the other customers located in far flung areas. FileServe can be even used for the reason of creating the backup of files and retrieving them every time, from anywhere and any approach.

15. AnonFiles 
AnonFiles is an online cloud sharing service that offers the limitless file uploading and sharing method at no cost. The customers of AnonFiles can at a time share the file up to size of almost half GB at no cost. In addition to the free characteristic of file uploading and sharing, AnonFiles additionally offers its users with limitless bandwidth also.

So which one is your favorite service don't forget to mention :)

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