10 Best Code Editor for iOS

10 Best Code Editor for iOS
A code editor is a text editor program deliberated specifically for editing source code of computer programs by programmers. It may be a standalone tool or it may be designed into an integrated development environment or web browser. There are a lot's of code editor certainly available for such practice to be carried out on iOS devices. For this purpose, we have picked some of the best Code Editor for iOS available on the market. The given list should help you get begun at the task of finding an iPad text editor that server for your needs. Read on:

10 Best Code Editor for iOS

1. DietCoda
DietCoda is the Incredible, powerful text editor that you can take with you for Free. It is A stunningly full-featured text editor, Works on both the iPhone or iPad, Editor features Clips, Find & Replace (with placeholder!), Context Keys, Super Loupe, much more, Syntax highlighting for Apache, C, CSS, Diff, Go, Haml, HTML, INI, Java, JavaScript, LESS, Lua, Markdown, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Sass, Scheme, Shell, SQL, Swift, XML and YAML,  Local or Remote file management, Remote protocols include FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and FTP (Plain, TLS, SSL) support, Preview, Air Preview for use with Coda for Mac etc.

2. CodeMonkey
CodeMonkey's custom keyboard provides 5 main views to make coding easier in C, Java, HTML, JavaScript and Shell. It appears with a UML editor in a ‘programmers notebook’ paradigm, with class diagram support. According to the company, the UML editor supports manifold class diagrams, classes, and dependency, derivation and realization relationships between them. Classes and relations can have names, hackneyed and descriptions. Diagrams can be emailed as PDFs and saved and PNGs to the pictures on the device.

3. CoffeeScript
CoffeeScript bills itself as a ‘minimal web development aura,’ and was basically designed for iPhone, with aims including lessening the amount of typing you need to do. Enjoy web programming without personal computers Editting HTML, CSS, JS (only 1 file per project) - Setting text/background color, font of editor, Custom keyboard for input symbols, Preview by internal browser, view generated html source, Supporting iPhone and iPad (Universal), Downloading HTML, CSS, JS and Librarys, Sending mail, Post to Gist (Github), View console log, View error log.

4. CodeToGo
CodeToGo has now been used to run over one MILLION programs. Write and run code in your favorite programming language, using your iOS device and it Supports all iOS devices. It allows you write, save and load code locally, and you don’t need any connectivity. And with connectivity, you can load from and save to DropBox. It supports more than 50 languages, including: SQL, Python, PHP, Perl, C, C#, C++, LISP, Forth, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript etc. It allows you run your code and see the outcomes on Sphere Research Lab’s.

5. Editor for iPad

Editor for iPad is a text editor for iPad with syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. The Web page result can be previewed immediately. Furthermore, more than 50 text patterns for HTML,CSS3 and Javascript are included for quick input. This make it handy for HTML5 development. Users can upload/download via WiFi connection with desktop system. The client lets you export files to other apps, working with an FTP app, e.g., to FRP, or to Amazon S3 servers.

6. Gusto 
Gusto offers both Code Editor and FTP Client, and the Gusto Mobile, an integrated FTP/SFTP client and code editor for web development. It’s not clear what the differences are. Gusto provides a Code Editor and FTP Client, Gusto Mobile, an associated FTP/SFTP client and code editor for web development. It includes project-driven workflow, Syntax highlighting ActionScript, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, SQL, PDF, Lisp, LaTex, XML, JSP, C, C++. Besides, there is a tabbed editor, line numbering, hard and soft line breaks, and built-in local and remote.

7. Edhita 
Edhita is an open source text editor. Features include Create, rename directories and files, Download files via HTTP or FTP, upload via FTP, View files in built-in browser, Send files via email.  Edhita can pop up a row of special keyboard characters at the bottom of the screen. To enter FTP info and other configuration, you have to go to the Edhita entry in the iOS’ settings.

8. Koder 
Koder Code comes with Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, Diff, Erlang, Groovy, Powershell, Latex, Scala etc. Besides, a snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace code, preview browser with firebug support and a View Source function are other attributes of Koder Code Editor.

9. Codosaurus 
Codosaurus features Highlighted syntax for small files, Coding optimized keyboard, Language support for TXT, HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, XML, HTACCESS, Python, ASP, ASPX, Ruby, SQL, PHTML, TPL, CSV, INI, and INC files, Open and view PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, LOG, and image files, Create a full working jQuery library, templates for HTML, HTML5, CSS-Screen, CSS-Print, PHP, XML, and a jQuery Library.

10. For i: Code Editor 
For i: Code Editor for the iPad is Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Features include:      Syntax highlighting for C, C#, Objective C, Java, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL, and other languages     Built-in web server for transferring files, Virtual keyboard includes useful keys; also, shortcuts usable from Bluetooth keyboards “Take snapshots of your files and revert back in any time.” When using a Bluetooth keyboard, For i pops up a special-characters row of keys at the bottom of the display.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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