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9 Best Website Traffic Estimators

9 Best Website Traffic Estimators
While browsing the internet, sometimes we entercounts amazing websites. Sometime we want to evaluate that site by knowing the number of users who visit the site on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. For doing such evaluating we use highlighting tools that are used in assessing traffic on different websites and reveal you what you need to know concerning traffic. The website owners who design their sites mainly for commercial purposes do get information related to traffic from such programs. Here in this list we listed such services; Read on:

9 Best Website Traffic Estimators

1. URL Trends
View website SEO Ranks including PageRank, Alexa, Compete, PI Rank, SEM Rush & MozRank etc. This service offers remarkable traffic tracking upshots and allow you hit upon a number of details concerning traffic coming onto a site as well as other handy elements about the site. However, having nice user interface and well-placed ads make the users be cautious while clicking anywhere on the website.

2. Quant Cast
Quantcast is a digital marketing company that provides free audience demographics measurement and delivers real-time advertising. It provides you a number of options to play with. It allowed to alter the graph to show outcomes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and you can even permitted to see upshots for a certain time period such as from one week to all time. It also categorizes the traffic in accordance with  demographics such as age, gender, education level, offspring and income.

3. SEMrush
SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. SEMrush supplies information about sites of all sizes, key phrase and their rankings. It is considered to be the most efficient tool for the purpose of estimating traffic on a website. However, users are required to pay to get the full data list and it only displays data for Google traffic.

4. Buy Sell Ads Online Advertising Network which Guaranteed media buying of relevant audiences at scale. Get out of the "black box" solutions and know what you, in fact, an ad network for selling banner advertisements on different websites and blogs. If a potential website is facilitated with BuySellAds script, it will be easy to see traffic assesses that are very close to the actual traffic numbers.

5. Traffic Estimate
Traffic Estimate has been estimating website traffic since 2004. They strive to provide useful information for website owners, buyers, competitors and anyone else looking for estimated visitor quantities and web analytics. Search for any site or domain and you will get a traffic chart and much more. is a free utility that provides you a rough assessment of how much traffic a single site is receiving per month.

6. Compete 
Compete provides a Web-based consumer intelligence service that offers companies time-sensitive analysis of web users' consumer behavior. It is another good choice to hit upon the number of visitors a site gets. It has some limitations that you will have to follow if you do not have a paid account. On the whole, it is a nice service to visually display a website’s development (or decline, depending on what site you are visiting).

7. Similar Web
Similar Web is for Comparing website traffic with advanced traffic estimator tool. See any website's traffic sources and uncover their online marketing strategies. Similar Web is such a smart service that besides showing you the traffic stats also tells you the amount of time each visitor spends on the site. It also show you the number of page views the site getting, special influence, bounce rate, referral etc.

8. Alexa 
Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web.Owned by Amazon, Alexa is another famous website traffic evaluator. Although it needs you to go through a number of clicking jut to receive results, it has proven to be very useful. It even offers you a number of statistics to browse through, so you can hit upon a lot of relevant information.

9. Siteworthtraffic
SiteWorthTraffic is a free service designed to estimate value, daily pageviews, daily visitors and daily revenue of a website. Quickly calculate the website worth and worldwide ranking of any website. View detailed website traffic statistics, including Alexa statistics, last shared links on Facebook social network, country where is located the web server, IP address, monthly earning and yearly earnings.

So which one you use don't forget to mention :)


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