Top 7 Emoticon Maker/Generator

Top 7 Emoticon Maker/Generator
An emoticon is a pictorial re-presentation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person's feelings/mood.  The word of emotion and icon, and is an example of meta-communication, serving some of the same purpose as body language or prosody. There are a lots of Emoticon Maker/Generator you can find on web; but which one is the best; here we narrowed down the list to Top 7 Emoticon Maker/Generator; Read on:

Top 7 Emoticon Maker/Generator

1. Webestools
Webestools generator let you create free smileys online. First you have-to choose your smiley eyes, your smiley mouth and your smiley skin color. You can change each symmetry of your smiley parts. That gives you the possibility to change it's orientation. When you will finish filling the form, you have to preview the result by clicking on the "Preview" button. If the result looks good, you can download the smiley by clicking on the "Download" button or you can create a permanent image by clicking on the "Get the URL" button. Then, you can use the smiley image in some messaging software like Windows Live Messenger or you can use it in your blogs, forum, web sites.

2. Emoticon Maker
Emoticon Maker is a free program; you can use it to make your own emoticons. This program can: Make emoticons from photos & other images, Create animated emoticons from GIF animations, Make big and large emoticons for MSN and Live Messenger.

3. Emote Maker
Emote Maker is a very useful program; which offers the user to make emoticons for free. This is a free program and easy to use for creating emoticons.

4. Newmoticons
Make the coolest text emoticons on earth with newmoticons; It's an online application.

5. FGT Maker
FGT Maker Makes emoticons for MSN Messenger directly online by a few simple steps. Select the text, animation, background, and much more.

6. Emoti You
Create animated and customized emoticons; Design your own animated emoticon in a few clicks; Quick and easy to use, you can use own face, faces of friends, even pictures of animals or objects, and simply add your own animation.

7. Get Smile 
Get Smile is simply the easiest way to express your emotions and thoughts in the internet. By GetSmile you can send, capture, organize and share smileys with one easy-to-use and absolutely safe tool.

So what is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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