Top 10 CPU/System monitoring software

Top 10 CPU/System monitoring software
System monitor software is a hardware or software component used to monitor resources and performance in a computer system. These monitoring systems are often used to keep track of system resources, such as CPU usage and frequency, or the amount of free RAM, free space on one or more hard drives, the temperature of the CPU and other important components, and networking information including the system IP address and current rates of upload and download. Other possible displays may include the date and time, system uptime, computer name, username, hard drive S.M.A.R.T. data, fan speeds, and the voltages being provided by the power supply. Here Top 10 CPU/System monitoring software listed below read on:

Top 10 CPU/System monitoring software 

1. Core Temp 
Core Temp is a light weight yet powerful processor temperature management application that provides the users important detail about processor. By using Core Temp, user can view the temperature readings. Moreover, it also display the detail of processor from model to ID.

2. HWMonitor 
HWMonitor is the pack of two applications namely hardware management and CPU management. It provides the all detail of processor and hardware and what is going on in your PC. By HWMonitor, user can check fan speed, voltage & temperature, and many other readings.

3. SpeedFan 
SpeedFan is like a temperature sensor in your computer that enables you to view the readings of processor’s fan. SpeedFan provides the detail of voltage being used by processor and fan, current temperature, hard disk temperature and many more.

4. HWinfo64
HWinfo64 is a freeware and comprehensive hardware monitoring application for analysis, diagnosing and view reporting of the hardware if Windows OS and DOS. The features of HWinfo64 are: detailed information of hardware, real-time system monitoring, and extensive reporting.

5. Open Hardware Monitor 
Open Hardware Monitor is especially designed for processor and fan temperature. This open source application work as a computer sensor and automatically read the fan speed, voltages, temperature, load and clock speeds of the computer.

6. iStat 
iStat is an advanced system monitoring application for Window, Mac OS X and iOS. The advanced monitoring system of iStat displays the detail of temperature, voltage being used, idle applications, Wi-Fi, CVMC complier and many other important information.

7. PC Wizard 
PC Wizard is just like HWinfo64 as it is developed by the developers of HWinfo64. So, it can said as one of the best alternatives to HWinfo64 in addition to Core Tempe. PC Wizard is for analyzing and monitoring the CPU performance and also getting information of its sub-system.

8. xScan 
xScan is also for Mac OS X. xScan enables the Mac users to view detail of computer and monitor the temperature. It is just like Temperature Monitor. For its limited functions and features it can be said as an alternative to Core Temp and can be used for limited purposes only.

9. RMClock 
RMClock is a free application for noncommercial purposes for monitoring what is going in inner parts of your system. RMClock provides the in-depth detail of: core clock, throttle, core temp, multiplier, required Vcore and many more.

10. Real Temp 
Real Temp is a processor temperature monitoring and diagnosing application that assist the users in reading the temperature detail of their processor. In addition to temperature reading, Real Temp is also used in viewing the in-depth detail of hardware.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention )

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