Top 10 Best Real-time Strategy Games for Android

Top 10 Best Real-time Strategy Games for Android
Online gaming has many popular genres; One of the most popular genre in the Online gaming world is Real-time strategy games. The following list is intended to present some of the best real time strategy games for Android. Here Top 10 Best Real-time Strategy Games for Android listed, read on:

Top 10 Best Real-time Strategy Games for Android

1. Clash of Kings
Clash of kings: build a powerful empire and widen your borders. Build castles and improve them. Defend from enemies and capture enemy territories. Become the greatest captain of the fantasy world of this Android game. Battle to raise an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms. Create an army of infantry, archers, cavalry, and other warriors. Build a variety of structures and fortify your castle. Gather a variety of resources. Research new technology that you need to improve your army. Enter into alliances and participate in battles against other players.

2. Clash of clans
Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. Clash of Clans – is the game already managed to get a set of clones, but at last users of android have an opportunity to play the original one. Erect your own kingdom, create your clan, protect your territories or attack other clans. Expand and improve your settlement and competently distribute resources for improvements.

3. Total Conquest 
Total Conquest is an electrifying and tactical social game where you are a Roman governor mounting your own city-state and military. But with Caesar death, there are no more playing games. You will have to join a strong Legion or build your own to conquer your enemies, defend your lands, and reign supreme.

4. Zombie World War
Zombie World War in which you will hit upon the virus has spread like wildfire and those contaminated became the walking dead. With so much horror, humanity speedily deteriorates and governments soon lost control. Now, survivors such as you are the last line of defense for the human race. This is humanity’s final stand! Now it’s up to you to combat your way in the course of 126 levels and 21 scenes in this universal venture to retrieve our world.

5. Throne Wars
Throne Wars: Millions of players are going to battle and claiming their throne. Get yourself prepared for clash and join Throne Wars and construct a grand kingdom, forge alliances and unfasten incredible prices. You have to take over the battlefields, embezzle enemy cities. Build great alliances as you battle with thousands of other players on an ample map to answer one question: Who will be the King of Kings?

6. Second Earth
Second Earth is one of the most spectacular space fight in which as a space commander, you must lead your people to shelter in exploration of a new home, the Second Earth. And while fending off enemy invasions and battle for valuable resources, you have to construct, defend and conquer with millions of other players in the universe.

7. Battle Front Heroes
Battle Front Heroes is for battle simulation lovers which come with finest graphics, fund sounds, and a grand community of players. Massive weapons and colossal explosions are the power behind raising your military fortress and hoist a strong army in the jungle and on the beach.

8. Roman Empire 
Roman Empire is a free multiplayer strategy game which takes only a few moments to learn in a fun way. In the gameplay, you will find slaves insurgence led by Spartacus broke out and desolate all through the Roman Empire. Senatus sent the renowned general, Caesar, to curb the rebellion, but the shadow of misgiving stimulated situation, and the new flame of war ignited and intense over the country. You have to choose a side in this distressed time build up your own city and recruit an undefeatable force.

9. Battle Dragons 
Battle Dragons is the game where you edifice a Fortress and Command a Dragon Army. Battle hundreds of thousands of other players global in this Battle & Build game from perilously acclaimed & Google Play ‘Top Developer’ Space-time Games. All about working out and deploying dragons to wipe out rival villages.

10.  Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs 
Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs is the Ancients fled Atlantis in the wake of a calamity, the savage Anthropus overran the lost continent, and the dragons are vanishing. Now it’s up to you to construct ruined cities, revive ancient perception, and save the dragons of Atlantis.

So which one is your favorite don't forget to mention :)

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