Top 10 Best GPS Trackers to use

Top 10 Best GPS Trackers to use
GPS Trackers is a device carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and hence that of its carrier, at intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or Internet-connected computer, using a cellular GPRS, SMS, radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analysing the track later, using GPS tracking software. Here below Top 10 Best GPS Trackers listed. Read on:

Top 10 Best GPS Trackers to use

1. Amber Alert GPS 
Amber Alert GPS Especially designed to track your children, Amber is durable, child and school friendly tracker with a safe online tracking portico as well as on the mobile app. The tracker is featured with an SOS button which your child can press in case making a connection with you or in any sort of emergency. It also comes with two-voice feature which lets you to easily connect your child if it is necessary.

2. Pocket Finder 
Pocket Finder is a lightweight, coarse and waterproof GPS tracker is especially designed for young ones, pets and vehicles. It makes use of the modern in Assisted GPS technology that allows you exactly trace the device in real-time. It appears to be an easy to use app that is well-suited with iOS and Android devices. It allows you see/locate your device on the UI map, create zones that will inform you when the tracker accesses and exits the set location, set speed limits and organize the power settings-maximizing the value of the device.

3. Trackimo 
Trackimo is waterproof-cased GPS trackers, Trackimo is free of cost for the first year with including international tracking. It makes use GPS satellite to trace its location and sends information via AT&T’s wireless network Trackimo website or employing an iOS app. Trackimo lets forming of zones or geo-fences which informs you via texting. It allows you to set the tracking frequency of the device to every minute or once every five minutes. Besides, many other features can be found in Trackimo.

4. Trax 
Trax is dependable, efficient in updating positions, Trax is durable with its plastic case can withstand drops, water splashes, mud snow and hot weather. It appears with a built-in Sim card which can be utilized in over 30 countries. The tracker provides a mobile app that lets easier accessibility of the device. It allows you set geo-fences or zones which will notify you when the device comes across the area you had set. It also allows you set a schedule for each of your areas so that they can automatically be activated at the particular areas.

5. iTrack
iTrack is highly durable and efficient tracking device, iTrack makes use of GPS and cellular technology. It needs a standard size unlocked prepaid GSM Sim card to work and this Sim is what the tracker employs to send tracking information. It also allows you set the tracker to send you automatic tracking a specific time recesses if you don’t have a desire to do the manual tracking, also set geo-fencing or perimeter-fence and the unit will send you a notification if it leaves the set location. The tracker can also be adjusted to your car’s battery employing the wire harness that comes with the device for continues supply of power so you don’t have to recharge the battery.

6. Spot Gen3 
Spot Gen3 mainly on satellite reception, Spot Gen3 is designed for adventure loving individuals. It makes live tracking possible through a secure app or web portal which is supported by Google Maps. you are allowed to set the device to track position every 10, 30, 60 minutes or to a 2.5 minutes recesses of the premium package. The device tracks position via GPS satellites which means that the device will perform even in areas where there no cellular coverage is found. It appears with two emergency buttons which can be pressed in case of intense emergency.

7. eZoom 
eZoom comes with various modes of operation relying on how often you want to track the device. Tracker updates its location every five minutes in continuous mode, while on track mode the device updates every30 seconds and both of these modes would surely drain the battery. Whether it is the matter of tracking children or vehicles, eZoom works for both areas. In order to make use of this tracker, you required to make sure first that you are in an area that has good T-Mobile coverage as the device utilizes a combination of GPS and T-Mobile coverage to track.

8. Live Trac 
Live Trac PT-10 A bit more expensive than the others mentioned above, PT-10 Live Trac comes with unique update schedule and simple operation. It makes use of a motion-based update schedule rather than a time-based in order to save battery life and makes better efficiency. It allows you set zones or geo-fencing and speed limit just like other GPS tracker and all notifications will be conveyed via texting.

9. SkyNanny
SkyNanny GPS is that the only way to track it is through an Android application. So, if you don't have an Android smartphone, this tracker is not a good option for you. SkyNanny GPS is not set up to record its location automatically. Instead, its default mode is as a ping-only tracker. However, you can set the SkyNanny GPS to continuous mode so it will automatically update its location every five to 255 seconds. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to update on a more lengthy time interval.

10. Spy Tec 
Spy Tec  features geo-fencing or zone the lets you to draw areas that would trigger a notification when the device comes across that areas. You can also adjust speed limit and limit it when the set one has been exceeded. This GPS tracking device makes use of GPS satellites to find out its location and sends data to your tablet, computer or smartphone using T-Mobile’s cellular network.

So which one do you use, don't forget to mention :)

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