Top 10 Best Data Visualization Software to use

Top 10 Best Data Visualization Software to use
Data visualization or data visualization is viewed by many disciplines as a modern equivalent of visual communication. It involves the creation and study of the visual representation of data, meaning "information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information". Data Visualization refers to the technologies employed to interact data or information by encoding it as visual objects. The objective is to communicate information vividly and accurately to users. There are many useful Data Visualization Software you can find on web, but which one you gonna use, Here we narrowed down the list for you; read on:

Top 10 Best Data Visualization Software

1. Tableau 
Tableau Software helps people view and comprehend data. Tableau’s award-winning software provides rapid analytic and fast fire business intelligence. Users can create visualizations and dashboards in moments, and share in seconds afterwards. Tableau comes up with Graphical user interface, relational display, simulation models, visual discovery, and much more.

2. Advizor Analyst
Advizor Analyst is more than just another volume software company that is data analytic exert who combines cutting edge software with customer engagement. The company goes to help its clients to answer their questions, get more value out of statistical concepts, and construct their internal skill sets. The company brings the added potential to consolidate many data tables directly from your source systems or data marts.

3. Activeu 
Activeu is a software solution company that is enthusiastic concerning offering its customers with solutions that meet their operational requirements. More than video wall systems, the company provides solutions that give situational awareness and collaboration to support informed decision making and enhanced operations in the control room and throughout the enterprise.

4. Adaptive Discovery 
Adaptive Discovery is the only cloud-based visual analytic that is deliberated to be employed by executives, line-of-business managers, data analysts, finance and operations. With the potential to consolidate financial and operational data, budgets and forecasts, Adaptive Discovery makes it simple to produce and provide dashboards, drill down into data, and even perform what-if analysis on the fly.

5. ChartBlocks 
ChartBlocks software solution allowing you import data such as spreadsheets, databases, even live feeds. You can use the simple chart building wizard to pick the right data for your chart, control almost every corner of your chart with hundreds of customization options. With this utility, you can grab the embed code to put your chart on your own website or share it right away.

6. CloverETL 
CloverETL is a fast, end-to-end data incorporation solution. Enterprises choose CloverETL for its feasibility and insightful controls, beside its lightweight footprint, suppleness, and processing pace. Acquiring true, fast data integration suggests much more than just raw data processing potential. The CloverETL service has modular architecture and consists of two main tools that can be used individually or collectively.

7. Decibel Insight 
Decibel Insight is the most advanced, revolutionary and robust visual website analytic utility in the market. It is deliberated to help businesses get better performance from their websites. Decibel Insight is built to conveniently integrate with other software within your marketing stack. It records every action visitors take on your website. You can see what content they interact with, optimize the experience and turn more visitors into customers.

8. Plotly 
Plotly is a web based data analysis and graphing tool. It supports a good collection of chart types with built in social sharing features. The charts and graph types available have a professional look and feel. Creating a chart is just a matter of loading in your information and customizing the layout, axes, notes and legend.

9. Birt iHub 
Birt iHub is a data-driven apps with embedded analytic and personalized insights for everyone in you enterprise. With this software solution, users can create, integrate, manage, and deploy. BirtiHut is a web-based embedded business intelligence platform and data management system that combines impeccably into you company infrastructure to control you data analytics, ad hoc reports, customer-facing utilities, report statements, data visualizations etc.

10. Drive Cloner Rx
Drive Cloner Rx goes to create a comprehensive clone of your PC’s hard drive and allows you to conveniently restore the complete PC in the event of a virus attack or malicious system collapse. Drive Cloner Rx’s matchless hard drive imaging technology is a rapid and easy way to produce a full bare metal image of your PC.

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