Top 10 Best Presentation Software/Platforms

Top 10 Best Presentation Software/Platforms
Presentation software are those software that enables the students, presentation writer, business managers, reporters to present their story and idea in a more comprehensive way. Presenting views or ideas in shape of graphical interface is much powerful as compare to presenting them written format or in shape of speech. There are a lots of  Presentation Software and platforms can be found on web, but in this post we trimming down the list with 10 best presentation software and platforms that are suitable for all kinds of businesses and professionals. Read more:

Top 10 Best Presentation Software/Platforms

1. PowerPoint 
PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is available in desktop version and web based as well. This platform is best known for developing slide based presentation format and currently one of the most commonly used and popular presentation program available for desktop. PowerPoint is built-in with three types of presentation movements namely: entrance emphasis and exists elements; transitions for movement between slides; and custom animation used to create small storyboards. And there is a lots of template is available for download on web too.

2. Academic Presenter
Academic Presenter lets the users create huge graphs like hierarchical and vector based presentations by using the various levels and tools available in Academic Presenter. This software is totally free and enables the users to represents very huge graphs in addition to simple image, audios, and videos. This software contains two parts, first it is handy parts that contains simple tools for making graphs and frames in a minute. Second part is about animation tools that enables the users to create effulgence transitions in camera and elements for representing different parts in their presentation.

3. Google Slides 
Google Slides is a free platform that allows you to present your ideas in a shiny way with a variety of presentation themes, thousands of fonts, embedded video, animations, and more and all are free. Anyone using Google Slides can create, edit, collaborate, and present in a comprehensive and well looking way. Everyone can work together in the same presentation at the same time and can edit it in real time and share with anyone present your stories and presentation easily.

4. Prezi 
Prezi is a cloud based presentation tool that allows the professionals and reporter to present the presentation from the browser, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device and always present the up to date version of their work. Get started with professionally designed templates and find inspiration and content you can use from massive library of Prezi. Attract your audience by highlighting your story. Visually explain others about what you are thinking and how ideas relate to each other and use images, videos, and text to enhance your presentation

5. Haiku Deck  
Haiku Deck is an all in one presentation software that enables you to tell your story in a simple and beautiful way. Whether you want to present business idea, a photo slideshow for your website/blog or a manifesto, it is best for all. No designs and skills are required to use Haiku Deck. It is built-in with thousands of themes and templates. After creating presentation, you can share it on social media channels via Facebook, Twitter or can email them on any web enabled device

6. Keynote 
Keynote is a presentation application that is the part of iWork productivity suite. Keynote is developed by the Apple Inc. for Max OS X operating systems. Keynote is a presentation making application for Mac OS X users and lets the users create and present beautiful and stunning presentation.

7. FreeOffice 
FreeOffice is a free program for creating the creative presentation. FreeOffice is a multi-platform program that is available for Windows, Linux, and Android mobile operating systems. It is free for use for both home and business purposes. Most of the people considered it a software that can be used instead.

8.  LaTeX 
LaTeX is an application for creating slides for presentations. LaTeX is a presentation making program that supports the both LaTeX-dvips and pdflatex. Just like its previous version, LaTeX has special syntax for reshaping slides. LaTeX is available for Windows and Unix-based operating systems. It is one of the best presentation.

9. SlideDog 
SlideDog is a multimedia presentation application that gives the freedom to users to present whatever they want in a professional to create an impact over the audience. Time to using traditional slide creator has gone away. Now it is the era of SlideDog for creating seamless presentations.

10. WPS Office 
WPS Office stands for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet Office. WPS Office is an application for the Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems for creating stunning presentations. As apparent from its name, writer, presentation, and spreadsheet, WPS Office is such a great application that can be used for any purpose.

So which one you use and which one you are going to use don't forget to mention :)

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