Top 10 Best Online Bookmark Manager services

Top 10 best Online Bookmark Manager services
Online Bookmark Manager basically does bookmark or save a web page, article and video on saving platform for making the permanent record of all these all considering them later in free time. And saving means any website, webpage, article for viewing it later. Most of Online Bookmark Manager allow the users to save directly their favorite content from their web browser or even from the other platforms as well. Being a web based portal they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. There are lot's of Online Bookmark service can be found, so Here a narrowed list of best of them. Read on:

Top 10 best Online Bookmark Manager services

1. Pocket 
Pocket is different from the other bookmarks manager as instead of providing the special platform for saving bookmarks, Pocket is based on the system of saving. That means saving any website, webpage, article and viewing it later. Pocket allow the users to save directly their favorite content from their web browser or even from the other platforms as well. Being a web based portal and then the availability in the shape of apps for smartphones means the Pocket can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Using Pocket is very simple. The willing users are only required to connect the Pocket with their favorite browser by simply creating an account on install the bookmarklet system of the Pocket and after that, they will be allowed to save the websites, pages, articles and even videos directly in the Pocket within a single click. The users of Pocket on their own can also save the desired webpages in the form of an email as well by simply emailing the link to the Pocket and it will automatically add to their Pocket account.

2. Bookmark Manager
Bookmark Manager is an extension for Google Chrome for effectively managing all bookmarks right in the browser of the Chrome and accessing them anytime. Bookmark Manager is the best way to store and save the favorite websites. The easy to use and user-friendly interface of the Bookmark Manager lets the

3. Google Bookmarks
Google Bookmarks is a web based bookmark managing service for the Google account holders. If you have Google account then you can enjoy the free bookmarking service of the Google Bookmarks and will be provided with the dashboard of saving your favorite post and web pages at a centralized platform

4. Delicious 
Delicious is a social bookmarking service. Delicious is focused on sharing bookmarks and engaging in social interaction around them. The public lists of what is hot and trending and the ability to easily share bookmarks with friends and the greater public are solid features of Delicious that really set it apart from less social bookmark tools. The most notable feature about Delicious is the tag based organization system. There is no hierarchy in the Delicious system for saving and organizing bookmarks, everything is driven by tag, saving, searching, and organizing. You can add bookmarks to and access bookmarks from Delicious through the web site, via bookmarklet, and numerous Firefox and Chrome add-ons.

5. Xmarks 
Xmarks is a highly configurable and synchronisable bookmark managing application that makes the process of saving favorite web pages or websites in a shape of bookmarks very easy and simple. The extension of Xmarks is available for almost all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

6. Pinboard 
Pinboard is a unique type of social bookmarking platform that is based on the elements of social bookmarking as well. Pinboard is among those few bookmark manager that focus on the privacy and security of the users as well. Pinboard lets the users manage their all-important bookmarks in a secure.

7. Weave 
Weave is a Bookmark Management Tools  Mozilla Weave is an add-on for Firefox focused on unifying your Firefox browsing experience across platforms and locations. Weave syncs your bookmarks, bookmark toolbar, smart location bar, tabs, browsing history, and passwords across all the instances of Firefox you use, your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and Firefox portable. In addition to syncing the files across all instances of Firefox, the settings are stored on Mozilla's servers so even if you crash your laptop and you're away from home you can quickly rebuild your bookmarks and browser settings from the Mozilla servers.

8. FVD Speed Dial 
FVD Speed Dial is a simplest and easiest way to access to the most frequently visited websites by managing them in shape of bookmarks. The bookmark managing extension of FVD Speed Dial is available for almost all web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even more the smartphones as well.

9. Papaly 
Papaly is a highly personalized social bookmarking application for the Chrome and Firefox that allow the users to easily follow your favorite topics and pages. Papaly allows the users to easily manage all of their website and web pages across all platforms. It is a cloud-based social media bookmarking applications

10. Diigo 
Diigo is different from most bookmarking tools; it allows you to not only save the URL of a website, but annotate it, archive it (instead of merely saving the address of it), and share both your bookmarks and archived research with others. Even if you're currently only interested in a bookmarking service, it's nice to know that if you wish to expand your scope to archiving pages and collecting text in addition to just bookmarking URLs, you can do so easily with Diigo.

So which one you use and which one you are going to use don't forget to mention.

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