Top 10 Best Free Password Managers for Windows

Top 10 Best Free Password Managers for Windows
Be it a site that provides any kind of service or online shopping, all of these sites demand a username and password. While using the same username and password for all the sites is a bad idea; remembering all of them isn’t exactly easy either. So in this term we use password managers, Password managers are the applications that can help you create and remember all your passwords, It save some time an tension of losing passwords It can efficiently create un-hackable passwords, keep them secured and automatically log in to your accounts using its complex passwords. There is large number of free password managers you can select from. Here we are going to share a list of top ten best free password managers for windows. Here the narrowed down list given below, read on:

Top 10 Best Free Password Managers for Windows

1.  LastPass 
LastPass is free password manager will keep your passwords secure. It can create easier yet safest passwords. Except you, no one could use your information. In addition to creating unique and un-hackable passwords, it can store unlimited passwords and import the passwords from other managers. It can perform all its functions very efficiently. Also stores unlimited passwords, Automatically fills out forms, , manages your data from multiple computers seamlessly, Supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, Opera Mini, via Bookmarklets. Ability to import passwords and in Windows, helps you recover lost passwords stored on your computer

2. LockCrypt
LockCrypt is free password managing tool for windows will let you manage your passwords, phone numbers, PIN codes and other private numbers. Its strong password generating feature and ability to translate the passwords into different languages make this application stand in the list of top ten free password managers for Windows. Also got AES or TwoFish encryption to provide secure storage for data, Password generator, Windows mobile version for PDAs and Smartphones, J2ME version for Java capable mobile phones, Support to export to XML, CSV, HTML or Plain text files, Easy to use drag and drop interface.

3. Password Safe 
Password Safe is freeware password manager is meant to manage all your passwords and help you create new password and save them all in one single combination and remember Web site passwords, Credit card and PIN numbers, Computer logon passwords, Telephone banking codes, Email passwords, Software access passwords, Door entry and alarm codes so on.

4. KeePass 
KeePass is an another free password manager (open-source) to help you store your unique passwords in a highly secured database. You can secure all your passwords in one key that will enable you to unlock all the passwords within same single key. Its strong password generator is very handy tool that doesn’t need any installation and will make password management very easy for you, Highly encrypted databases, Consumes less memory,  Supports master passwords and key-disks, Easy database transfer, Time fields and entry attachment support, auto-type, global auto-type hot key combination and drag-n-drop supports.

5. RoboForm 
RoboForm is a free password manager which can save your passwords on PC/laptop. You can save both the online and offline passwords. Its user-friendly interface makes this application standout among its competitor application. It uses strong algorithms like BlowFish and AES for improved security and protection.

6. StickyPassword Pro 
StickyPassword Pro is free password manager is known to provide excellent security features to manage data and passwords. It can work with different browsers, import data from other password management tools and includes a portable version. This simple-to-use, secured and time saving application can best meet your needs as it can save passwords, accounts info, long forms and new forms.

7. DataVault 
DataVault is one of the best password managers. It can work with different browsers and is available in mobile versions too. Its power encryption methods make this software find position among the best known password managers. Its advanced integration tools are compatible with IE, FireFox and Google Chrome.

8. SplashID 
Splash ID Safe is software is known to offer effective password management tools but it doesn’t include automatic long-form filling tools. It offers different mobile tools including SplashID understands that people access the internet from a variety of devices and desire mobile tools. SplashID provides numerous mobile tools, including apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile phones that can synchronize with the desktop versions.

9. Handy Password Manager 
Handy Password Manager is password manager software is another free and time saving application that can run from a USB drive. It can fill in long forms. This software comes in portable USB and PC versions and is compatible with IE and FireFox. It can help you remember and create passwords you happened to forget partially.

10. Kaspersky Password Manager
Kaspersky Password Manager is exceptional password manager is very easy to use and is known to provide extensive features for securing passwords and other personal data on PC or laptop from a USB drive. It can efficiently help you protect all your online and offline accounts from hackers by creating unique and complex passwords.

So which one is your favorite and which one you are going to use don't forget to mention :)

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