Top 10 Best Decision making/support Software

Top 10 Best Decision making/support Software
Decision making is the process of making choices by setting goals, gathering information, and assessing alternative occupations. Decision Making is one of the crucial and most important aspects for any organization or company. As right decisions at the right time in the right manner do play their vital role for the better of an organization, it is significant to make them correctly. For making best decision for your online or offline organization following best decision support software can help you a lot. Most of them offer free trials. Read on:

Top 10 Best Decision making/support Software

1. Paramount Decisions
Paramount Decisions aims at helping companies make more collaborative and better group decisions. This decision making platform lets enterprises to develop firm decision, to clearly document their decisions and enable transparency in the decision-making procedure. This platform is based the full fledged decision making methodology called Choosing By Advantage which has been developed and refined for years including topics like Improve Decision Speed & Quality, Transparent & Auditable Decisions, scientifically Tested,  Real-time Collaboration, Version Control so on.

2. Style Intelligence 
Style Intelligence is an operational business intelligence service that features a robust data mashup engine for the creation of dashboards, visual analyses, and reporting. The well organized, easy to deploy, easy to use business intelligence solution elevates selfservice and serves both enterprises and solution providers. Style Intelligence features Application Development, Budgeting & Forecasting, Data Analysis, Performance Metrics, Sensitivity Analysis, Thematic Mapping, and Version Control.

3. Decision Knowledge Centre
Decision Knowledge Centre leverages leaders to unlock new value and maximize organizational potential using a systematic and scalable decision making process. Users achieve high quality, aligned decision making through knowledge reuse, focused visualizations, and results oriented collaboration. The application goes to accelerate organizational learning through strategic decision management. It provides a simple process that wards off common decision making mistakes, and so on.

4. Tribium Decisions 
Tribium Decisions is the Decision Support System which lets you evaluate multiple alternatives against multiple hierarchies of objectives using user’s specific preferences. The application allows you create complex nonlinear deterministic decision problem models that contain hundreds of criteria ordered in hierarchies for easier management. You can match facts and opinions by using many various preference functions that can be applied to inputs and functions. You can evaluate, analyze and publish all the significant details of the decision problem in printable form.

5. Vanguard System 
Vanguard System brings real time, enterprise collaboration to all aspects of business modelling and quantitative analysis to enhance the quality, speed and reliability of management decisions. This system bolsters you collective efficiency with ironclad potentials. The Application comes up with modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence, visually aided modelling, projecting and advanced analytic and much more.

6. 1000Minds
1000Minds is an online program and process to help you with decision-making, prioritization, value for money analysis and comprehending stakeholder preferences. It helps you make right decisions at the right time efficiently, transparently and fairly. 1000Minds also comes up with potent tools for group decision-making, including surveys and other activities for distribution to as many participants as you want.

7. GoldSim 
GoldSim helps decision and risk analysis by simulating future performance while quantitatively representing the uncertainty and risks inherent in all complex systems. Companies globally use GoldSim simulation software to evaluate and compare alternative designs, plans and policies in order to minimize risks and make better decisions in an uncertain world. GoldSim is a general simulator that makes use of a hybrid of several simulation concepts, consolidating and extension of system dynamics with some factors of discrete event simulation, and embedding the dynamic simulation engine within a Monte Carlo simulation framework.

8. Make It Rational 
Make It Rational is a collaborative decision making software suite based on analytic hierarchy process for suppliers evaluation, project prioritization, and budgeting. The platform helps you easily make even complex decisions when you know how to measure strengths, weaknesses, and overall utility of each option. This application comes up with building model, collecting judgments, reaching consensus, analyzing results and reporting, ranking and choice, bench marking, and much more.

9. Powernoodle 
Powernoodle empowers the diversity within an enterprise, inspiring creative solutions that are only possible when everyone involved feels conveniently participating. Using a step by step concept, Powernoodle efficiently instructs a project and keeps it on track while setting aside hurdles like physical distance. It also helps guide those who are new to leading team interactions while acting as a robust tool for professional facilitators and consultants.

10. Simulation Modelling
Simulation modelling or protective modelling by Rapid-modeling is a powerful utility for developing experimental computer models that are replicas of an existing system. These models include an Auto-Cad layout, and are improved visually through animation to verify that the model is running just like the real system. After a simulation model has been created, we can efficiently and accurately run detailed experiments on the computer model, and tune it for extraordinary performance without ever maddening the real system.

So which one you use or going to use don't forget to mention :)

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