Add featured post slider in Blogger (homepage)

Add featured post slider in Blogger (homepage)
Got some worth mentioning posts in your Blogger blog, and want to represent them with style here I am presenting to you a high end very popular featured post/content slider for your Homepage. Featured post sliders are seen in many blogs because they create a very good impression about your site and also increase the beauty of landing page, as well as they reduce bounce rate. And speaking of Featured post slider I personally like Coin Slider very much and recently I integrated it to Blogger blogs. I like Coin Slider because it has many advantages like:
  •     Unique transition effects
  •     Valid markup
  •     Flexible configuration
  •     Auto slide
  •     Navigation box
  •     Lightweight (8kb only)
  •     Linking images
  •     Fully customizable using CSS
  •     Compatible with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+   
  •     Free to use under MIT license
  •     Compatible with Android and iPhone
Let's see how it looks like and how to install it to Blogger site. The difficulty level is intermediate, Read on:

Add featured post slider in Blogger (homepage)

Add featured post slider in Blogger (homepage)

Live Demo: Click Here

Codes for copy:

<!-- Coin Slider CSS -->
.tsc_clear { clear:both; padding:0; margin:0; width:100%; font-size:0px; line-height:0px;}
.sliderContainer { margin:0; padding:0;}
.coin-slider { zoom: 1; position: relative; width:800px;}
.coin-slider a{ text-decoration: none; outline: none; border: none; }

.cs-buttons { font-size: 0px; padding: 10px; float: left;}
.cs-buttons a { margin-left: 5px; height: 10px; width: 10px; float: left; border: 1px solid #B8C4CF; color: #B8C4CF; text-indent: -1000px; }
.cs-active { background-color: #B8C4CF; color: #FFFFFF; }

.cs-title { font-size: 22px; width: 778px; padding: 11px; background-color: #000000; color: #FFFFFF; }

.cs-next { background-color: #000000; color: #FFFFFF; padding: 0px 10px; }</style>

<!-- Javascript Library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <!-- jQuery Library (do not call twice on same page) -->

<!-- Coin Slider JS -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<!-- Coin Slider Settings -->
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
        width: 800, // width of slider panel in pixels
        height: 400, // height of slider panel in pixels
        navigation: true, // prev next and buttons
        spw: 7, // squares per width
        sph: 5, // squares per height
        delay: 3000, // delay between images in ms (3000 = 3 seconds)
        sDelay: 30, // delay beetwen squares in ms
        opacity: 0.7, // opacity of title and navigation
        titleSpeed: 500, // speed of title appereance in ms
        effect: 'random', // random, swirl, rain, straight
        hoverPause: true // pause on hover 

  <!-- Coin Slider Start -->
  <div style="width:800px; margin:0 auto; padding:10px; position:relative;"> <!-- define slider container width (strict enforce) -->
  <div class="sliderContainer">
    <div id="coin-slider">
        <a href="post link"><img src="image link" width="800" height="400" /> <span>place text</span></a>
        <a href="ipost link"><img src="image link" width="800" height="400" /> <span>place text</span></a>
        <a href="post link"><img src="image link" width="800" height="400" /> <span>place text</span></a>
    <div class="tsc_clear"></div>
  <!-- Coin Slider End -->

Adding this widget 
  • First log into Blogger, select your blog,
  • Go to ‘Layout’ tab and click ‘add a gadget’ from the below space of header
  • Select ‘HTML/JavaScript’ from pop up page;
  • Copy and paste given codes in content box, configure and Save
  • Now hit ‘View blog’ and hover mouse on slider widget’s editing icon wrench;
  • And look bottom of web browser and you will see a line, that contains Widget ID;
  • Detect your widget id it generally looks like (HTML1, HTML2, HTML3, Blog1) see image below;
  • Then, go to ‘Template’ tab, ‘Edit HTML’ and search for your widget ID (using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) into code snippet;
  • You will see chunks of codes starts with <b:section and ends with </b:section>
Like this

<b:section class='tabs' id='crosscol' maxwidgets='1' name='Cross-Column' showaddelement='yes'>
        <b:widget id='WIDGET ID' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>
          <b:includable id='main'>
  <!-- only display title if it's non-empty -->
  <b:if cond='data:title != &quot;&quot;'>
    <h2 class='title'><data:title/></h2>
  <div class='widget-content'>

  <b:include name='quickedit'/>

  • Identify them and place this line (see image) Before the codes chunk

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>

  • and at the end of code this line


  • And Save template.
How to configure:
  • In "post link" place your links and add your post title in ‘place text’
  • In "image link" place your image link, you can host image on Blogger; just upload you image; preview them and from address bar copy image’s direct code and place them in Image link; otherwise use Tinypic-Upload your image; then copy links from ‘direct links for layout’. You should use images size of 800px width and 400px height bigger size will be scaled into this size.
  • You can delete a slide content by deleting <a> to </a>
  • You can add more slide by coping <a> to </a>
  • You can also change the default image size by changing value of height and width in case you will have change all height width values.
How it working on your blog don’t forget to mention and any question and feedback leave with comment. Goodluck...

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