9 Best software to add Watermark on images

9 Best software to add Watermark on images
We always want to protect our images from being copied, misused and stolen. To protect our images using watermark on images is very popular. Placing watermark on images we basically use Adobe Photoshop, but when time runs short we always want a smarter way. Watermarking software makes that job easier that time. Here such time saver, easy user interface base, multiple functions offering best watermarking software listed. Let’s read, download ‘em and start watermarking your images:-

9 best software to add watermark on images easily

uMark Image Watermarking Software, is a free and paid ($29) software for watermarking your digital images with a name, logo, or a copyright notice.
  • Batch Watermarking supports Watermark hundreds of photos in one go.
  • Add various shapes and fill them with solid or gradient colors. Add QR codes as watermark on your photos
  • Border and shadow Applicable
  • Fully Customizable Watermarks choose the font, font size, style and color for your watermarks. Set custom transparency level, add shadows or rotate watermarks to your taste.
  • Select from one of the 9 predefined positions to place your watermark or put the watermark at your desired location on the image by specifying top, left coordinates or by drag and drop.
  • Add EXIF and other metadata as watermarks (geo tagging)
  • Save Watermarks for Later Use
  • Windows PC (Requires .Net 4 framework) or a Mac. uMark is available
  • uMark supports 8 languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.
Mass Watermark is a free and paid ($30) software to Add Text or Image Watermarks to a collection of Images with Few Clicks
  • Automated Batch Image Watermarking in a simple, fast and Unified Workflow, Watermark 100s of Photos within Minutes with few Clicks
  • Batch/Individual Resize Images to meet Web standards
  • Retouch your Images before Watermarking with unique Image Optimizer
  • Create your own Branding Watermark with Custom Text and Custom Logo, Special effects for text watermarks
  • Supports Wide Range of image formats JPEG,PNG,BMP,TIFF and GIF
  • Inbuilt Watermark Designer
  • MetaData adder
  • Direct Upload to Flickr, Picasa
  • Create Zip file (This is Ideal for Upload to Websites via FTP and Unzipping at the Website Side)
  • Line Watermarking, Save Watermark Templates
Aoao Watermark for Photo is an easy to use Photo Watermark Software provides professional photo protection solutions for your digital photos. It’s paid ($30-$200) software, trial available.
  • Zero Image Quality Loss and Faster Speed
  • Batch watermarking - watermarking 300 photos less than 1 minute
  • Full control over placement and size of your photo watermark
  • Awesome watermark library – 150 + free watermark materials
  • Text Watermark:  Add text watermark to photo, the text can be signature, date, EXIF info, copyright symbols © ® ™, etc.
  • Image Watermark:  Add image watermark to photo with logo, avatar, icon, etc. Many free image watermarks are offered to users
  • Animated GIF Unique Feature: Enable to add watermark to animated GIF image and keep its dynamic effects.
  • Photo Frame:  Provide free frame materials with different styles like oil painting style, modern style, etc
  • Crop Photo, Resize Photo, Batch renaming,
  • Photo Conversion: Easily convert photo files among all popular formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PNG, etc.
Visual Watermark is a free and paid ($20-$40) watermarking software with lot’s of features and function,
Watermark 100 Photos in Just 1 Minute
  • 12 built-in watermark templates and appearance options help you get the watermark look you want.
  • Batch Rename and resize features make publishing images much easier.
  • Runs on Windows and Mac
  • Use logo and text in any combination. Fill images with watermark for strong protection, or make the watermark glasslike for unobtrusive protection.
  • Choose one of 260 fonts, 66 effects and 100 transparency levels to watermark your photos with your unique watermark, software allows to change watermark size and position using visual drag-n-drop editor. 
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP photo formats.
  • Copyright Metadata, Shadow & Background enhanced
  • Integrates with iPhoto on Mac
  • Watermark Effects Visual Watermark comes with 66 effects combinations.
Arclab Watermark Studio is an easy to use image watermarking software to add visible and transparent watermarks to multiple images and photos in a batch. It comes up with lite version and paid version ($20-$50)
  • Add a true-transparency watermark with custom opacity
  • Watermark or logo could be added at any position
  • Add a watermark on multiple positions
  • Flood-Fill with custom watermark size (mosaic)
  • Batch processing of directory structures
  • The image conversion software support jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp and psd images and can convert the images into the image formats jpeg, png, gif, tif and bmp.
WatermarkLib software is a free professional digital photo watermark creator
  • This photo watermark software places very strong watermarks that no one can remove.
  • Batch mode: protect a photo group of any size at a time.
  • Edit watermarks in a convenient interface.
  • Create watermarks out of graphics and text.
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection.
  • Customize font type, size, color and opacity of your watermark text
  • Support all popular image formats, including JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TGA, TIFF.
  • Add Date and Time Stamp
Alamoon Watermark is powerful watermarking software for protecting and enhancing your images. Paid version available ($30)
  • Simple yet effective software helps you to watermark thousands of photos/images in seconds.
  • Alamoon Watermark supports major picture format like: JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, PBM, PGM, PPM, GIF, VDA, ICB, VST, PIX, WMF, FAX, PSD, PDD, PSP, CUT and PCD Image Formats.
  • Watermark with visible text, logo, or URL
  • Add date-stamp to your photos
Simple and quick Watermarking Software. Comes up with lite version and paid version ($30-$100)
  • Batch watermark thousands of photos without user action.
  • Photos can be watermarked with a text, logo, photo, or picture
  • Customizable options for color and style of text to use for watermarking
  • Resizing option for logos/images used to watermark the image/photo
  • Output of watermarked photos to: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF file format
  • Border design addition to the watermarked text
  • Support for storing of METADATA information
  • The EXIF file information can be embedded or retrieved
  • Create solid watermarks that are hard to remove.
  • Retain or Reject EXIF information in JPEG images.
  • Options to maintain a single or a separate destination directory for all batch-watermarked images
  • Innovative one click upload for Facebook, Wordpress and FTP
Kigo Image Converter is a free and easy to use image converter for Windows users.
  • It is designed to change image format, scale image size, compress image and add watermark by batch. 
  • This free image converting tool supports kinds of image formats, which include BMP, JPG, J2K, JPC, PNG, TIF, TIFF and more. 
  • With the image converter's main functions, you can find the right solutions to convert images for different situations.
Image watermarking is important for reserving copyrights of your images. Who when going to re-use your images without permission you’ll never know. That’s why using a suitable watermarking software is recommended for everybody who shares images on web. So which one you use/you are going to use don’t forget to mention by comment.

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