How to add Meta description to Blogger posts

How to add Meta description to Blogger posts
Meta description plays a vital role for Search engine and visitors both. Meta description contains site/post content’s summary version, what shows in Search result as snippet below title/link and when a person shares post on Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn etc below title/link. A very good and explained Meta description increases the chance of more clicks through rate. So here I am explaining to beginners How to add Meta description to Blogger.

Adding Meta description to Blogger posts

Blogger’s Meta description set up has two different steps. Read on-

1. General Meta description set up for site name/homepage.

To enable and edit your site’s Meta description Go to
  • Blogger account, log in, select your blog
  • Select ‘Setting’ and select ‘Search Preferences’
  • At Meta tags, Check Yes button to ‘Enable search description’
  • And put your site’s 150 Characters Meta descriptions, Hit ‘Save Changes’
add Meta description to Blogger posts

This Meta description will appear for your Homepage’s search engine spinet/social media share snippet.

2. Adding Meta description to individual posts.

This Meta description box will appear right side of post editor while you writing a post/page.
  • Create a new post/Select a post to edit
  • Click on ‘Search Description’ from ‘Post setting’ right side of your post editor.
  • Add your Meta texts and hit done.
add Meta description to Blogger posts

This Meta description box in individual posts will not appear if you did not enabled Meta description of First Step.

Confirm your Meta description is working fine

This is an additional step, you can also check that your Meta descriptions how working on your site.
  • Search your site/homepage address on Google, and see carefully what texts appear below Title/link. If those texts are what you putted in ‘Meta description’ box, then it’s working fine.
  • Share your site’s address link on Facebook/Google plus, see what text appear on text snippet, If those texts are what you putted in ‘Meta description’ box, then it’s working fine.
  • Go to any online Meta description checker, Like ‘Seoptimer’ and make sure your Meta details working.

Not working after all these steps done, try this

If none of your Meta descriptions appearing even after Turing on ‘Meta description’ (Step 1), the possible reason is to be your Template does not have the Metal description maintaining code (happen sometime in customized/third party templates). So in that case adding the maintaining code will make your Meta description work.
  • Go to ‘Template’ tab, select ‘Edit HTML’
  • Search for (Using CTRL+F or CMD+F) in code snippet,


  • Above this code copy paste this lines,

<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

  • And Save template.
And make sure that your ‘Meta descriptions’ are working fine by confirming. Chill…

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