November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 30, 2014
How to Auto tweet and Auto post to Facebook your Blogger blog’s post
Letting your social networking fan know about your new published post instantly ‘Auto tweet and auto post to Facebook’ your post is very effective and time saving. For Wordpress - using plugin can solve this auto tweet and auto post job but Blogger doesn’t have option like this. But there is also solution exists. Let’s see what I’m talking about Auto tweet and Auto post to Facebook your blogger blog’s post.

How to Auto tweet and Auto post to Facebook your Blogger’s post

Auto tweet and auto post to Facebook

Twitter Feed, does the job easily. All you need to do is set up your blog URL at their service. Here is a quick overview: How to submit you blog at Twitter Feed for Auto tweeting and Auto posting to Facebook your Blog post.

Below walk through steps are written; just read on:-
  • Open an account at Twitter Feed, confirm your email, and visit dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Create new feed’, you will direct to setup page
  • In setup page ‘Name your feed’ and ‘add your source URL’ you’ll be fill up with your site’s feed. Every site has feed. Your Blogger site too, default source URL looks like-

So place at ‘add your source URL’ input area you’ll be placing your site’s default feed

http://your blogger

Alternatively you can use Feedburner URL too site feed id

  • Click to toggle ‘Advanced Settings’
Set up ‘Update Frequency’ (30 minute to – 24 hours)
Set up ‘And post up to new update’ (1-5) at a time.
Set up ‘How link will be shown’, Just Title, Just description or both.
Set up ‘Shorten link through’ service
  • Available Services is ‘Twitter’, ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘LinkedIn Company Page’, ‘App.Net’. Authenticate those services with your following profiles.
  • Job is done, check your status at dashboard anytime.
Hope you successfully made this job done. Any question or feedback don’t forget to mention by comment. Chill....


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