Flickr Images Gallery widget for Blogger/Wordpress

Flickr Images Gallery widget for Blogger/Wordpress
You already know what Flickr is, for those of you who don't know a short version of Flickr is it's a Image and video hosting service by Yahoo, which service let you host 1000gb of images for forever and free also it's a community base social media service. For personal or professional we often use Flickr. If you running a blogsite (Blogger or Wordpress) how can you show your Flickr photo's on your site as widget, here in this post I'm explaining (Difficulty level is beginner) And of course it's a easiest way to add a image gallery to your site. Read on-

How to add Flickr Images gallery widget on Blogger/Wordpress


Flickr Images Gallery widget

Live Demo- (Here you go)

Codes for copy-

<!-- flickr widget starts -->
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="auto" height="auto" scrolling="no"></iframe>
<!-- flickr widget ends-->

How to add this widget in Blogger
  • First log in to your Blogger, select your Blog, 
  • Go to 'Layout' tab then click 'add a gadget'  
  • Select 'html/javascript' from pop up menu. 
  • Copy following codes and configure

How to add this widget in Wordpress
  • From dashboard hover mouse on 'appearance' tab, 
  • From 'appearance' menu select 'widgets', 
  • Then drag and drop 'Text' content box in widget area, 
  • Copy following codes and paste into 'text' box, 
  • For new dashboard click on 'Text' add it to sidebar and paste following codes and configure

  • To configuring the gallery First log in to your Flickr account, and go to your photo album/photo stream, and copy the address link and paste the link on (it will find your user id of Flickr)

  • Replace your Id on my Id (pink colored)
  • This widget's Height and Width is auto so it will fix your widget area. If you don't like the size want to make little more wider or tall just change value of Height and width auto to any pixel. Default gallery width is 650 and height is 400. it red colored

  • This gallery's photos don't auto change
  • This widget don't show Image information; bigger width and height shows
  • Clicking on image will redirect you to
This widget also a must have widget for photographer, graphic designer even fanciful bloggers. So what your think about this widget don't forget to mention also any question or recommendation you're free to ask. Goodluck...

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