How to put any widget inside Scroll box in Blogger

How to put any widget inside Scroll box in BloggerThere are a lots of widgets you can find what are very long/tall, uses a lot of place and those widget make visitors to hate your Blog (don't really like keep scrolling for other widgets) and you are not able to keep clean widget area plus can not even add as many widget you want in your limited sidebar. So what you can do about these problems. Yes there is a short suggestion for you, you can put your long/tall widget's inside a scroll box and let your visitor to browse every widget easily, save sidebar space and get cleaned up!
To putting a widget inside scroll box is very easy. All you have to do is embed some line of CSS into your template. So let's get started :- 

How to put any widget inside scroll box in Blogger

Step 1: Embedding the code
  • Log in to your Blogger, select your Blog, 
  • Go to 'Template' tab, select 'Edit Html' 
  • Now find (using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F) ]]></b:skin>
  • And copy following code paste above ]]></b:skin> then move to configuring.

/* Scroll box by starts*/
#widget Id .widget-content {
height: 200px;
overflow: auto;}
/* Scroll box by ends*/

Step 2: Configuring
  • Now get your widget id to make this widget in scroll box to work. Every widget have a unique widget Id, For getting your widget Id - go to 'Template' tab select 'Edit HTML' and select 'Jump to widget' and you will see list of your current using gadget's Id (example-HTML1, HTML2, Blog1 etc) or alter way to find Widget Id is - First preview your Blog while you logged in, The widget you want to put inside scroll box, in lower right corner of that widget you'll see a small wrench, Hover mouse pointer on wrench icon and bottom of web browser a link you will see, the link's last word contains your widget Id (see below picture as example) And replace 'widget Id' with your widget Id, save template.And see this tutorial working live on your Blogger blog.

  • Current the scroll box height is 200px change the size if 200px is not small or big for you.

Putting widget like Blog archive, popular posts, link lists, label inside scroll box is very popular it make site more visitor friendly and clean looking. So make use of it. Happy blogging :)

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