11 best Author Bio Box Wordpress plugins to use

11 best Author Bio Box Wordpress plugins to use
Author bio box is very helpful for both Author and visitors. With Author bio an author gets quick familiarity to his/her audience also Author bio box give an opportunity to author builds up audience and fan by social networking profile option.
As a complete blogging platform Wordpress has a lot of features and advantage by using plugins. Author box plugins is one of 'em useful tool. These all Author box plugins listed here by their features and all plugins will appear under post basically. Read on-

11 best Author bio box Wordpress plugins to use

1. Starbox
Starbox Author Box for Humans, Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles

Basic features-
  • Build with Html5
  • Google Microformats (vCard), to display Rich Snippets in google search results
  • Themes to choose from, Fully customizable
  • Easy to customize for each Author, Each Author can make the Author Box look like it's his own, Enables you to upload your own image
  • 10+ social media profiles set
  • Use in post content or widgets via shortcode
  • Section that displays the latest posts of a certain author

2. Fancier Author Box
Brought to you by ThematoSoup. Give identity to your single or multi author WordPress website with Fancier Author Box

Basic Features-
  • Google+ and automatic Google Authorship verification
  • It uses your Gravatar image and allows you to add social profile icons
  • You will be able to change colors of just about any author box element
  • Allow you to choose where Fancier Author Box appears on your website
  • Latest Posts, Shows number of latest posts you specify and dates

3. WP Author Box Lite
Give identity to your blog posts, pages and even custom post types

Basic Features-
  • Responsive, WP Author Box Lite will adjust size on any device
  • Fully Customizable, Make your author box unique and stylish with color options
  • Google Authorship, Automatically get Google Authorship verification
  • Facebook Authorship, Automatically add Facebook Authorship on Posts
  • Changeable Layouts
  • Latest posts box

4. Author Box After Posts
Adds an author box after your post contents, with avatar and social profile links

Basic Features-
  • More than 10 Social media Profile supported
  • Set custom avatar image instead of registering Gravartar account

5. Social Author Bio
Social Author Bio automatically adds an author bio box along with Gravatar and social media icons

Basic Features-
  • Fully integrated Google+ authorship (shows Google+ Avatar in search results)
  • Choice of location, top or bottom, for automatic placement of Social Author Bio
  • Number of custom links 10, Ability to adjust avatar size
  • Check box on edit screen providing the ability to disable of author box on individual pages/posts
  • Shortcode supports

6. Author Box Reloaded
Adds an author box to your blog. Fast and easy and fully configurable

Basic Features-
  • Google authorship optimization
  • Allows also the author to define links to the 10+ profiles
  • Extra add-on you can choose to install
  • Fully, functionally configurable
7. Custom About Author
Highly customizable Author box plugin displays the author profile at the end of the post. There is the option to display the author's user profile or a custom profile

Basic Features-
  • Display website user profile or a custom profile
  • Display author profile at end of post
  • Option to include social media buttons on both website profile or custom profile
  • Custom Profile is fully configurable. You can choose to display anything you like in there

8. WP About Author
Easily display customizable author bio's below your posts

Basic Features-
  • Three border styles to match any theme
  • Change background color with easy to use color picker
  • Display settings allow you to control when to display author bio
  • Display text links or icons to a users social media profiles
  • Change the size and shape of Author avatar

9. Author Bio Box
Display a box with the author's biography in your WordPress Display a box with the
author's biography and also social icons in bottom of the post

10. Better Author Bio
Simply adds an author bio box in every post automatically

Basic Features-
  • Choose where you want to show it also
  • Customizable interface
  • Can add links of your Blog, Social profiles links on the bio
  • Do it automatically or manual with shortcode

11. WP Biographia
Add a customizable biography to posts, to RSS feeds, to pages, to archives and to each post on your blog's landing page as well as via a widget in your sidebar

Basic Features-
  • Huge method supported to show Biography Box, on the front page, in archives, on individual posts, sidebar widget, pages, or any other custom post type and in RSS feeds also display the Biography Box at the top or the bottom of content
  • Custom the border style and background color of the Biography Box
  • Custom avatar image size
  • Shortcode supports
So what plugin you use for showing your Bio below post, or Still didn't used any of them what you going to use don't forget to mention :)

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