11 Best Mobile Theme Switcher Wordpress Plugins

10 Best Mobile Theme Switcher Wordpress Plugins
Most of our wordpress site's aren't optimize for mobile and tab view. But there is lots of visitors browse your site from their mobile and tabs, any they receive a bad experience to visit your site. Because site doesn't fit with display, make trouble with zooming, don't render and load quickly, navigation become stupid, you ads become unclickable plus there is a lot of trouble faces your site visitors.
In that case for wordpress you can choose a option Use responsive themes what will adapt and render your site to any screen or make a mobile version of your wordpress site. Making a mobile version of your site is way better than Using responsive themes. Because mobile version offers cool and lightweight site browsing interface, easy navigation system, ads optimization etc what responsive themes doesn't. Here you can find best mobile theme switcher wordpress plugins what will make mobile theme for your wordpress site. Read on-

11 Best Mobile Theme Switcher Wordpress Plugins

1. Wp Touch
WP touch is a mobile theme switcher plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a cool and elegant mobile theme for mobile/tab visitors of your WordPress website. Free and premium plugin

Basic Features-
  • Loads pages 3x faster than default view or responsive themes
  • WP touch provides 3 new themes to choose from and customize as you want
  • Offers ajax loading articles and smooth effects, Footer theme Switcher mobile version or desktop version
  • Google Adsense Ads optimization, Social media shares
  • Allows you to set up webapps for iOS devices easily

2. iThemes Mobile
With a built in style manager and mobile ready themes, Mobile makes it easy to optimize your site for mobile users. iThemes Mobile is more than a mobile tab site builder plugin. Cost- Unlimited licenses for all ithemes plugin 247$, Developer pack 150$, Business 75$, personal 45$.

Basic Features-
  • Mobile Theme Style Manager (Easily customize basic styles for your mobile theme’s fonts, headlines, navigation and footer)
  • Mobile Starter Themes (Choose from 4 customizable, ready made themes or create your own)
  • Devices and Assigned Themes specific phone design choose
  • Custom Menus/Navigation, Built in Custom Header Image Uploader
  • Premium Support and Product Updates

3. Duda Mobile Website Builder
The simplest mobile website builder for WordPress. Fast, reliable and conditionally free

Basic Features-
  • This plugin has tons of mobile templates to choose from and works with all WordPress themes, Loads of features designed to make your site user friendly and engaging
  • Customize your new mobile site to your liking with drag and drop editor
  • Full access to free site analytics, Integrated with Google Analytics and AdSense (conditionally)
  • Image Slider, Photo Gallery, Embed video, Social Icons and shares
  • Mobile SEO friendly, easy maintenance system

4. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin
The WP Mobile Detector mobile plugin automatically detects over 5,000 mobile devices and displays a compatible mobile theme no matter they are nomal phone or smart phone. Free and premium plugin

Basic Features-
  • All mobile theme featuring the jQuery framework. Impress your visitors with collapsible menus, dynamic page loading, cross platform compatibility, touch optimized layouts, widgets, and more
  • Advanced mobile statistics including unique visitors, visits, mobile search engine bots, and more
  • Automatically formats content and resizes images
  • Includes seven mobile themes pre-installed
  • Detects over 5,000+ mobile devices, Differentiates between standard mobile devices and advanced mobile devices

5. WordPress Mobile Pack
WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher, themes, widgets, and mobile admin panel

Basic Features-
  • A standard mobile theme, A set of advanced themes for Nokia and WebKit devices
  • Custom color variations, Device adaptation including the rescaling of images
  • A mobile admin panel, intelligent splitting of posts into multiple pages
  • Mobile ads widget Ad-Mob or Google Adsense
  • Mobile analytics (allowing you to view simple local traffic tallies)

6. Media Grid
Media Grid creates responsive and filterable portfolios with ease on your website. It comes with masonry layout and also designed to adapt each portfolio to any situation and is mobile optimized for responsive themes. Premium 18$ license

Basic Features-
  • Unlimited responsive portfolios, Visual grid builder
  • Mobile optimized for all types of content, which includes images, audio, and video
  • Unlimited colors and layouts as well as unlimited item options
  • 1 click setup (with 10 predefined styles)
  • Social media shares

7. Wapple Architect
Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes. Devices are detected by using Wapple's advanced web services instead of relying on inferior 3rd party tools. Any type theme that has been established on your site that will be carried to the mobile version in order to keep a consistent look for visitors

Basic Features-
  • Complete freedom over how the mobile site is styled. A few settings can be edited to adjust the look and style of the site
  • Dynamic resizing of images
  • Support for multilingual characters
  • Advanced pagination, Place mobile friendly navigation links around your site
  • Mobile Advertising Integration: Ad-mob and Google Adsense

8. Mobile Smart
The Mobile Smart plugin allows your WordPress site to switch your theme if a user visits it using a mobile device. free version don't have a lot option pro got lots of function

Basic Features-
  • Mobile Device Detection, Footer Switcher to switch between the mobile and desktop versions of the website
  • Developer features that include template tags to customize the theme for different devices
  • Manual Switcher,  Available in 3 versions: widget, option to automatically insert into footer, or template tag
  • Image trans-coding, rescale images to fit their device
  • Little Coding knowledge requires, Domain switching (m.domain.com) conditionally

9. WP Mobile Splash Page Editor
WP Mobile Splash Page Editor is dedicated to give you unlimited control of styling, is a unique solution to design beautiful and efficient landing pages for mobiles. It has options that involve everything from the color to the logo design. This plugin can transform your WordPress site in a superfast loading mobile landing page. Regular license of this plugin is 13$

Basic Features-
  • Unlimited styling, unlimited design possibility
  • Page Speed of 100/100, ultra fast
  • Don't impact on site's Seo
  • Native Phone Features Support like Phone call, email etc
  • Easy to edit content

10. WP Mobile Edition
WP Mobile Edition Is a complete toolkit to mobilize your WordPress site. Fully optimized for the best performance on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry) Simple and easy to use, An Intuitive setting page gives you complete control

Basic Features-
  • Standard mobile theme, lightweight and speedy as possible
  • 16 different color schemes in the settings panel
  • Easily customize your mobile theme logo with our easy uploader
  • Equipped with a mobile ad, you can put any ads scripts (Adsense, ad-mob, banner ads)
  • Mobile XML Sitemap Generator, better Seo
  • Used With Subdomain (m.domain.com), Best cache support

11. Mojaba
The easiest way to build Mobile website for WordPress. Mojaba is the no-coding, drag-and-drop tool for creative professionals.

Basic Features-
  • Works for all smartphones
  • Mobile users served from the Akamai high-speed Content Delivery Network
  • Amazing street level geo analytics show where mobile users accessed your site
  • Supports huge range of content types including YouTube and Vimeo videos, slideshows
  • Special workflow and management capabilities for agencies serving many clients plus integration with smartphone mapping and GPS gives mobile visitors stress free tools to immediately find, call or email your office, store or organization
  • Complete QR Code generation and routing support to link
  • Integration with Surveymonkey's Wufoo Forms
So, There is a big percent of visitor visit your wordpress site from mobile-phone/tab and giving better visitor satisfaction to them Mobile theme is better than Responsive themes and Desktop view. So what wordpress mobile plugin you gonna use and what plugin you already using don't forget to mention :)

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