+50 Best service to Monitor Website's Uptime

+50 Best service to Monitor Website's Uptime
Website and server's uptime means lot to us. Website's downtime causes us to lost lot of visitors, their trust and loyalty. If a webhost promised you to give 99% of uptime guaranty than in 24 hours of serving time your website will be down for 14 minutes! Again if your website is up and running and you having way too much downtime than your business will be doomed and site will be non SEO friendly.
So here I've putted together a list of +50 free and paid service to monitor your website's uptime-downtime plus website's performance along with web apps. Read on, choose what kind of website's uptime monitoring service you looking for-

+50 Best service to Monitor Website's Uptime

Generally paid but free website's uptime monitoring available:

1. Pingdom
Pingdom is cool about website, server monitoring. Almost got 400000+ customers include Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft. Free account for website monitoring available. 1 minute interval instant inform via sms-email.

2. Monitor Us
Free service offers 30 minutes interval, premium service has 5 minutes frequency server uptime check, visitor tracking so on. Supported any type of protocols.

3. Internet Seer
More than 2.5 million website monitored and 2.2 million monitoring. Free trial for premium service available 14 days. plus free web monitoring available.

4. Site uptime
Site uptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website or server 5 minutes interval from several location. Free site monitoring available and it has 30 minutes frequency.

5. Site 24x7
Http, Dns server check include a lot of feature. Sony, Hp, michelin typo customer they got. Free account have a lot feature too

6. Host Tracker
Be the first one when your website is down. 200000 sites monitored and monitor form 20+ location. Also heard they shutting down

7. Hyper Spin
Get rid of your uptime worries, Hyper spin will watch over it. Check from multiple location.

8. Ping Ability
Ping ability is a website monitor and alert service. They have free monitor as well as paid monitor service 9.95$ per month

9. Service Uptime
Service uptime will make sure your site is available for 24x7x365. Multiple location supported ports are page, link, apps, webmail port, ftp. Free account don't have much feature

10. Uptime Spy
Geographic monitoring nodes, uptime reports, multiple locations, instant alerts

11. Binary Canary
Binary canary is a Free and paid website uptime monitor. High frequently, false alert proof, Global monitoring ability

12. Status Cake
Unlimited website monitor and reliable. No matter what big or small business website you run. They have customer like Disney, Ea games

13. Ping mate
Ping mate has 30 second interval check, multiple location support, real time insight, sms-email notify. Free monitoring available.

14. Down notifier
Send you free alert when your website down, reports. Low cost premium service offers.

15. Free super monitoring
Its completely not free has advertising. 5 minutes interval, 3 location checks, instant alert. Premium costs 60$ per year.

Free website's uptime monitor services:

16. Uptime Robot
Uptime Robot is more than meets the eye! One account 50 url check, 5 minutes interval, instant email-sms for free.

17. 1100 Pluse
100 Pluse is a free Website, server uptime checker. Downtime alert by email-sms. Performance report and 5 minutes interval.

18. Killer sites
A free website monitor. Watch over your site 24x7 from multiple locations

19. Basic state
Check your site 15 minutes interval, server or site down alert via email-sms, 14 days later report.

20. Montastic
Montastic is a super simple free website monitor. Email alert when your site is down

21. Free web monitoring
60 minutes interval, weekly performance report, email alert, false alert proof, multiple url check.

22. Free backup
Free website monitoring service. watch over your site downtime like a Hawk bird!

23. 247 web monitoring tool
Real time website uptime monitoring tool If site gone down instant sms-email notify.

24. Ping alive
Ping alive is a Free website monitoring tool, website performance report

25. Site beak
Web apps, cloud monitor for free.

26. Uptime Dog
Your website will be checked 2 minutes interval from 2 location by uptime dog but it has advertising

Paid website monitors with trials:

27. Dot Com monitoring
Service include website monitoring, web apps, business transaction, monitoring, network device monitoring, reporting, Analysis and graphs, Alerts, notification and escalation, site load speed stress test. Free trial available

28. Uptrends
Website, server monitoring, transaction and lots of features. Uptrends is a leading monitoring service provider having customer like Toyota, Sony, eBay. 14 days trial

29. Internet vista
"Uptime is money" They monitor all of internet service. 24 hours a day 7 days a week! If your site become unavailable or malfunction you will be immediately notified

30. Wormly
Rock solid, flexible global website monitoring tool. Nokia, Wb, Microsoft typo companies are customer. 14 days risk free trial

31. Server mojo
In less than a minute you can have server mojo monitor to your server uptime and response time non-stop. 30 days trial

32. Open Tracker
Event base analysis, visitor tracking plus more web apps embedded monitor service. 1 month free trial

33. Ez website monitoring
Website uptime monitoring, performance monitoring, instant notification and site popularity mapping tool.

34. Alert site
Alert site is the number 1 tool for website monitoring and web app service they ensure to give everyone high-end experience. 1 month free trial available

35. Alert Fox
Real time website uptime report and performance monitoring. 1 month trial

36. Monitive
Every minute interval, web apps, multiple location check, Ssl, malware check. 14 days trial

37. Site probe
Site-probe offers free monitor service for 90 days! cost friendly after 3 month trial of free, premium service costs 1$ per month.

38. Website plus
Mission Critical subscription based remote website, server, performance monitor service. Any type of server's ports uptime check. 1 month free trial

39. Visual site monitor
Global monitoring network, 5 minutes interval, sms-email alert, reporting.

40. Alert X
15 minutes interval site check, server check, 24x7 monitoring, email alert

41. Are my sites up
Easy website monitor, Instant alert

42. Keynote
Key note is a multi purpose web app system, web performance and website uptime monitoring service. Global network testing.

43. SmartBear
SmartBear calls itself the best in class synthetic monitoring for APIs, mobile and web applications, and they boast the fastest alerting on the planet. Use it for API, web app, mobile, and SaaS monitoring. You can also enjoy customizable reporting capabilities.

44. Alertra
Global monitoring, instant phone call-sms-email alert. website and server monitoring. 30 days free trial

45. Lets monitor
5 minutes interval, 14 days free trial, instant alerts.

46. Site Watcher
Uptime, server, performance monitor, http-ping-ftp-ssl checks, premium costs 1$ per month with instant alert, 30 days trial and 5 url monitor.

47. Monitor Hub
Web app, performance and downtime monitor.

48. Alexa
Know what percent of the time your site is up.If down you will be notified.

One page Instant downtime checker:

49. Down for every one or just for me
Simple instant free website monitoring tool ( www.isup.me )

50. Is it down right now

51. Updown

52. 52. Doj

Monitoring website's uptime and performance is very important. So use one of these service and if you already didn't signed up Don't forget to mention which one will use :) Goodluck.....

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