Reasons We Should Avoid One Click Wordpress Installing

Reasons We Should Avoid One Click Wordpress Installing
Installing wordpress instantly with One click script installer, fantastico, quick installs or auto installs is pretty much famous, Right?
Answer will be yup! Cause one click wordpress install can save time! Easy for beginner, every webhost offering and we everyone doing also a lot of answer will be come

But really Why we should avoid one click wordpress install?

That depends on how you going to answer these questions-
  • Is it safe?
  • Can it secure your long time blogging carrier?
  • Is it will be suicidal for someday?
Hum, spooky questions?

Let me explain the reasons we should avoid one click wordpress installing

1. Mysql database
Wordpress written on PHP and runs on mysql database. My first point is there.
So, When we install wordpress via auto installer or scripts-
Mysql database name, database username, password generated by host system automatically.
One true example can clear this option more (This is about mysql database and one click script installed wordpress)
In one web server hosted 1000 wordpress site.
When (Mr. A) use auto script to install wordpress-

Default system gives His=
Mysql database name : hgruhguhrguhgu_1
Mysql user name : rsdrsdrdrdrr_1
Password : jijijhiihjiiujjge

And same web server next host user (Mrs. B) installing wordpress via auto script installs than her database stuffs will be-

Mysql database name : hgruhguhrguhgu_2
Mysql user name : rsdrsdrdrdrr_2
Mysql password : jijijhiihjiiujjgt

So, if hackers crack your neighbor's mysql database of wordpress, he also will be able to hack into your wordpress database easily, Or if you site is the target of hacker than you're dead easily!
In every 5 minutes 1 site getting hacked nowdays. Most of there are self hosted wordpress. Hackers are peril, cgi, script, php, python, mysql geeks and crackers. Exactly that's why you should care and think about to protect your database, the life of wordpress.

2. Cms style plugins 
Wordpress have a lot of cms styled plugin like Buddy press, Woo Commerce, wysija newsletter, Book store etc plugins having issue with one click wordpress installation. Shows 503 internal server errors or other side effects. Caching plugins also face trouble.

3. Temporary folder missing problem
Temporary folder missing problem

Temporary folder missing while uploading media files, attachment can be cause of one click wordpress installation. PHP throw this problem when it can't take it any more. If your wordpress powered site status is running and famous, exactly that time if you face problem like this than fixing it will be hard for you.

4. System strength
Automated wordpress installs doesn't offer secret key, manual installation does. So wordpress system do not get protection by nature.

5. 503 internal server error
During publishing post or searching plugins ruthlessly showing 503 internal server error.

6. Server errors
wordpress internal server error

  • Sometime without any reason shows this notice (Wordpress can't communicate with your mysql server right now, make sure your server up and running)
  • Searching or installing plugin that time shows this notice ( Wordpress error, make sure your host server running or if error continues visit support forums)

7. Automatic update side effects
After updating wordpress to another version text editor gone!

8. Outdated Cms version
Most of web host's default system of One click script installer holds outdated version of Cms. So installing something outdated is always bad.

Plus a lot of errors, unspoken security risks, system failure causes one click scripts installs (Just not for Wordpress for Joomla{secret key problem} or other cms too)
Faced any of these error yet? and most of these error has no solution. Just have some temporary cure!

Questions you will be ask!

How bad is it? Should you really care?
Well, if you don't worry about future, this isn't that much bad to think about (millions of people doing auto one click installs). But if you care about you investing time to blogging with it for a long time, money invested, time and brain invested, don't really know how to fix errors manually you should be care about it.

Can System error fixing plugin can fix problems?
In my case they really didn't worked. There is no plugin for fixing temporary missing folder problem, mass 503 errors everyday. Again once I used a plugin for fixing some Ajax error as side effect my (editor) gone from appearance>themes! and 503 error can be fix by adding wp-config.php manually.

Can security plugin save you?
Without bullet, If you have a gun for protection your protection will be worthless and gun (security plugins) will be toy!

Can manual install solve these entire problems?
Hum! I should say no. Cause case of security also depends on you. And if you torture wordpress, manual installation also can show errors! But manual installation is 10 times more stronger, and more error free than one click installs,I can say.

Already blogging with one click script installed wordpress, What now!
Try not to do it on future, present do! Right now this is on you and your hosting support or WordPress forums. Goodluck and what you think don't forget to ask...

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