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How much bandwidth you need to build website

How much bandwidth you need to build website
When we think about to build a website or a blogsite first question comes up in our mind that how much bandwidth need for building website. Again without justifying how much bandwidth we really need, aftermath we see half of bandwidth stays untouched or got consumed full after first week! So for value your money by buying a right, perfect and waste less hosting package as you need, I'm explaining the basic stuff about website's bandwidth consuming. Read on-

Table of content :

  • What is bandwidth?

  • How does it consume?
  • How much bandwidth you need to build website
  • Some suggestion and information about best website hosting for you with cost 
Lets get started!

What is bandwidth?

Well the easy denote is-
  • How many times your website can be browse (open)
  • If you host an image, how many time it can be view
  • If you host a file for download, how many times it can be download
  • If you host a video for let visitor's to watch, how many times it can be watch
generally known as website's bandwidth.

How does it consume?
How much bandwidth you need to build website

Website's bandwidth consume determines by pageview and page size. The thing you see when you open up a website is call webpage (example- when you open Facebook on browser, first login page is a webpage after login when you see profile that also a webpage) And a website made by lot of webpages. So when your website having pageview from that time actually your website's bandwidth starts to consume by page sizes. If you already made your website you check your webpage size at pingdom. Again if you host a video into your website (video size is 100mb) and your bandwidth is 1 gb then your bandwidth will be consume full with 10 times of video views. This stuffs are more same.

How much bandwidth you need to build website

Here some funny but true! math about how much bandwidth you need for creating website :p Just read and you will be able yo determine how much you need this thing-

Math 1 : Single page base explanation

Your website's one page size is 50 kb And your bandwidth is 1 gb
{ A rough work, 1 gb = 1024 mb and 1 mb = 1024 kb
so 1 gb bandwidth = ( 1024x1024) = 1048576 kb }

50 kb consume by 1 pageview
1 kb consume by (1/50) pageview
1048576 kb consume by (1x1048576/50) = 20972 pageview

So with 1 gb bandwidth and 50 kb one page sized, your website can be open/view approximately 20972 times!

Math 2 : Website's all page browse base explanation

Your website have 5 pages.
Pages are = (home) (portfolio) (product) (about) (contact)
And all of your visitor will browse all 5 pages of your website
So page sizes are-
Home = 50 kb
Portfolio = 200 kb
Product = 100 kb
About = 100 kb
Contact = 50 kb
(+) Total website size is = 500 kb

If 1 kb sized website in 1 gb can be open 1048576 times
500 kb sized website in 1 gb can be open (1048576/500) = 2097 times

So your website can be open 2097 times with all page view in 1 gb.

Math 3 : Download content base website's bandwidth explanation

If you will run a website where people can download apps, games or music
Then guess,
50 mb sized an app will be available for download

In 1024 mb of bandwidth, 1 app (50 mb sized) can be download (1024/50) = 20 times.

Math 4 : Movie or video streaming website

If you host a movie or video aroung 500 mb
Then it can be stream 2 times in 1 gb bandwidth, straight sum!

So now I think you will be able to determine how much bandwidth need for your website.

Suggestion, pricing and recommendation :
You don't need to read this, if you already determined how much bandwidth you need Or know about what webhost package you need. But if you need some suggestion about How you gonna build your website, webhost packages and pricing, keep reading!

A personal website with coding will need at least 1 gb of bandwidth. Cause plus minus you will receive 500-1000 visitor again photo, flash objects will eat up bandwidth.
Again if you are not a coder Haring a coder for a custom personal website will cost about 200-1000$ and webhost package will cost about 3-5$ per month (based on hosting packages, web hosting's name and feature)
Also looking value of money and need a awesome personal website or portfolio site I recommend you to go Wix or Squarespace like sites, they got drag and drop diy website building system, template editing instant website creating and hosting packages as you need. Also website building software's can help you a lot.

For personal blog, video blog will need about 2-10 gb bandwidth. Wordpress have unlimited blogging with unlimited page views, cost starts from just 18$ per year. Self hosted word-press is also famous. Just need a hosting and install it. You can give it a shape what ever you want to.

Professional blogging need about 50 gb to unlimited bandwidth per month. e-commerce sites, Brand-business, download content base website requires huge amount of bandwidth so recommendation is to get unlimited bandwidth or private server!

Here some information about best website hosting and their cost. All comes up with Unlimited bandwidth, Drag and drop website builder inside cpanel, Linux os (best and wordpress friendly), 99.99% up-time, unlimited add-on domains, php 5-6 supports, 24x7 supports, auto installers, webmail host plus a lot of stuffs!

Hostgator - 4.95$ per month
Bluehost - 6.95$ per month
Dreamhost - 6$ per month
Ipage - 4.5$ per month
Fat cow - 4.7$ per month
Just host - 3-4.5$ per month
1and1, hostmonster, Go-daddy cost around 5-6$ per month.

Also premium cost 200$ per year.

Last words :
Now days 1-2 gb bandwidth hosting still alive! but goes rare. In some case 5-10 gb bandwidth cost case as unlimited bandwidth packages. So this is up to you, decide how much bandwidth need for your website and get started.


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