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+20 Awesome Wordpress theme builders list

Making own Wordpress premium theme at home(lol) without coding by Drag and dropping content it's a dream job for those people who love customization on every part of their Wordpress powered website. For make that dream job happen for you bunch of cool tool can help a lot such as - Theme generator, theme builder, page layout builder. So here such tools of Wordpress listed. Read on :-

Wordpress theme builder list, Theme generators, Customizable theme and framework and page builder plugins
1. Wp theme generator
Wp theme generator is a free and paid wordpress theme builder. Select a ready made theme and edit it as the way you wants to.

Basic features-
Responsive (mobile, tab view)E-commerce supportUnlimited layout variationLifetime update & money backToll free icon imagesPremade 300+ themes to editCustomer support Email, SkypeFree version downloadable in Html and CssFree version license for personal use, paid option has commercial usemore

Personal 29$ Business 199$

2. Ultima…

+50 Best service to Monitor Website's Uptime

Website and server's uptime means lot to us. Website's downtime causes us to lost lot of visitors, their trust and loyalty. If a webhost promised you to give 99% of uptime guaranty than in 24 hours of serving time your website will be down for 14 minutes! Again if your website is up and running and you having way too much downtime than your business will be doomed and site will be non SEO friendly.
So here I've putted together a list of +50 free and paid service to monitor your website's uptime-downtime plus website's performance along with web apps. Read on, choose what kind of website's uptime monitoring service you looking for-

+50 Best service to Monitor Website's Uptime
Generally paid but free website's uptime monitoring available:

1. Pingdom
Pingdom is cool about website, server monitoring. Almost got 400000+ customers include Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Microsoft. Free account for website monitoring available. 1 minute interval instant inform v…

Reasons We Should Avoid One Click Wordpress Installing

Installing wordpress instantly with One click script installer, fantastico, quick installs or auto installs is pretty much famous, Right?
Answer will be yup! Cause one click wordpress install can save time! Easy for beginner, every webhost offering and we everyone doing also a lot of answer will be come

But really Why we should avoid one click wordpress install?
That depends on how you going to answer these questions-
Is it safe?Can it secure your long time blogging carrier?Is it will be suicidal for someday? Hum, spooky questions?

Let me explain the reasons we should avoid one click wordpress installing
1. Mysql database
Wordpress written on PHP and runs on mysql database. My first point is there.
So, When we install wordpress via auto installer or scripts-
Mysql database name, database username, password generated by host system automatically.
One true example can clear this option more (This is about mysql database and one click script installed wordpress)
In one web server hosted 1…

How to install Wordpress manually with Ftp

We usually install Wordpress with auto installer, one click scripts. Because we think installing Wordpress manually with FTP and without scripts is geeky, hard and time wasting! Well this is not geeky, time wasting or as much as hard you think, probably this is easier than one click Wordpress script installs!! (at least I think) And with installing Wordpress manually you will be able to know How to use Ftp (if you already didn't knew) cause one click scripts and Wordpress multi file uploader makes now days Ftp use oblivion to new users. Also manual install can give you more database protection, so your Wordpress will be stronger and work against easy mysql injection hacks. And will be friendlier to plugins.

How to install Wordpress manually with Ftp
If one click wordpress install takes less than one minute to deliver you wordpress log in screen. Than manual install of wordpress will take less than 10 minutes to deliver you log in screen (also depends on internet speed and your spe…

How to remove 'You may use these Html tags and attributes'

You may use these HTML tags and attributes makes our Wordpress comment box/form noisy, ugly and wired! Some visitor just gets shocked with these messy HTML note tag and attributes using request and don't like to comment in your site anymore. To remove this HTML tag note, all you need to embed a code phrase in to your Wordpress theme. Actually this will not really remove or delete this ugly HTML tag using request from comment form, This CSS code phrase embedding will disallow/disable HTML tag note from Wordpress comment box of your theme.

This code phrase is-

 .form-allowed-tags { display:none; }

How to remove You may use these HTML tags and attributes
I am using Twenty Fourteen Wordpress default theme for this tutorial (actually it will work on any theme because Stylesheet contains all CSS codes and this code just will disallow/hide up this comment HTML note)

Step 1 : Select the theme you use Log in to your Wordpress, From dashboard hover mouse on Appearance menu, Select 'Themes…

15 Best paid without coding website creation software

Building and taking care of a website with custom coding can be hard for someone who is not a pro-coder. That doesn't means that the persons who don't know coding they cannot have website. There are a lot of option you can find to making website without coding, one of is online website builders another one is offline site builders (basically desktop software) Here is a list of these 15 Best paid without coding website creation software's quick details and satisfaction. These software's best determined by user review, satisfaction, easy understandable interface, pricing and so on. Just read-

Best paid without coding website creation software
1. Web easy professional

Price : 49.95$ year
Trial : No

Satisfaction -
Drag and Drop interface : Yes
Built in Ftp : Yes
Host : Yes
Seo : Yes, sitemaps
Meta Tag : Yes
Image management : All image supports, online editing
Email Subscription : Yes
Multimedia : Any type of supports
Shopping Cart : Yes, pay pal, eBay
Template : 600+

How much bandwidth you need to build website

When we think about to build a website or a blogsite first question comes up in our mind that how much bandwidth need for building website. Again without justifying how much bandwidth we really need, aftermath we see half of bandwidth stays untouched or got consumed full after first week! So for value your money by buying a right, perfect and waste less hosting package as you need, I'm explaining the basic stuff about website's bandwidth consuming. Read on-

Table of content :

What is bandwidth?
How does it consume?How much bandwidth you need to build websiteSome suggestion and information about best website hosting for you with cost  Lets get started!

What is bandwidth?

Well the easy denote is-
How many times your website can be browse (open)If you host an image, how many time it can be viewIf you host a file for download, how many times it can be downloadIf you host a video for let visitor's to watch, how many times it can be watch generally known as website's bandwi…

30 Best Free Website Hosting to use

Free hostings are the best choice for beginner, personal website or a test site. Most of Free hostings are same powerful and feature enriched as paid web hostings. So if you are a beginner and don't want to expend money for building a test or personal website; here is a list for you. Features best of free hostings for forever service providers, and their website hosting's basic features and important satisfaction. Hope you will find it useful. Keep on reading-

30 best free website hosting to use
1. 2 free hosting

Check Factors :-
Disk space: 20gbBandwidth: 150gbSub domain (free domain yes 5Add on domain (hosted domain per account): UnlimitedWebmail (mail with pop3, smtp, imp): yesOne click installer (Wordpress, Joomla etc): yesWebsite builder (Drag and drop or template editing): yesFtp access (file transfer protocol): yes 10 accountMysql database: 10Uptime: 99.99%Customer support: ticket systemAds (their links in footer, banner on your site): noUser ads (ad-sense, af…